i have copd and emphysema i have had a hymophilious influenzae infection

I have had 6 lots of antibiotics and went to hospital to get checked out because it was getting no better.i was given prednisolone 6 a day for 7 days i am also on cefuroxime 250mg tabs which they told me to carry on taking.do you think this will work as its driving me nuts and what difference will steriod tabs have.Has anyone else had the same problem

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  • Your story is EXACTLY the same as mine- at xmas i got a chest infection, since then i have taken 8 different antibiotics. Although i have felt better in myself i have not been well, i am really ill again and plan to see my doctor today.

    Will let you know how it goes

    Hope you feel better soon


  • Hi sorry your ill again its a nightmare isnt it let me know how you go on at the doctors

  • Thanks,i was going to a gym near me to do a bit of swimming to try and get fit.There has been 2 other people with the same sort of problem i call it my stick insect because the bug dosent want to go.If i dont make a joke of it i would go round the bend

  • Hi Kay, I had heamophylis infection for over a year, it just wouldnt go away. I put samples in every month, got different antibiotics , and took steroids. I ended it by taking a 2 month course of antibiotics till I was clear.. ....The next month I got a different infection !! but not as bad as the heamophylis.

    I had to really speak up to get something done, because the docs just dish out antibios and dont look to see whats going on. Demand a different approach Kay because this bug wears you down big time.

  • Omg i bet your sick to the teeth of it isnt it.I hope to god i dont have it that long.I am going to get tougher over it.Is there no one in the uk who specialises in this?

  • Also had hi since Christmas. Cultures were sensitive to penicillin and doxy but every time a course finished within a couple of days I was back with high temp and horrid gunk. Now cons. put me on a month on amox 3g a day then a month on doxy and he was thinking about another ab to follow, but not been back to gp so not sure yet what he decided on. Hi is such a bummer. Hope you feel better soon Kay. XXX

  • Sounds so much like my complaint.I know it sounds bad but im glad some one else has got the same problem i thought it was only me who couldnt get rid of it.It is a bloody nightmare look after yourself let me know how you are

  • Hi, I have been, and still am on the same meds as you, as am fighting constant infection, maybe co-incindance, but after stopped taking last lot of meds, only fely slightly better for couple of days, so was given another course, the same, and still on them, dont feel any better whether on these meds or not, but who knows, perhaps if I hadnt been put on them, may feel a hell of a lot worse. Did tell my Doc in the first instance I wasnt keen to be put on steriods, but she insists they will help. Hope this info is usefull in some way.

  • Thats excatley what i was thinking myself.In the end i wanted steriods because i was like you the antibiotics want quite clearing it I felt like i needed extra help so fingers crossed these might help.Thanks for your support i will let you know what happens

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