E mailed work to say I am not ready to return yet, thought about going back tomorrow but just not up to it, ok when sitting but still not able to walk very far. I have to get up a flight of stairs to the office don't think I could manage them, have 2 hospital appointments 13th & 14th so will wait and see what the consultants say then hopefully will get back on the 18th will have to wait and see. Val

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  • done the same Val, rang in to say i wont be in. Feel so guilty because only returned 3 weeks ago and they bent over backwards to make life easy form me,

    gonna see the doctor tomorrow and see if he can help get this sorted a bit quicker this time.

    get better soon



  • You do feel guilty but your health needs to come first, also SSP isn't that much! Honestly at times you don't know what to do for the best do you? When Graham and Leanne aren't here I am demented stuck in, you can only do what you can do, go see what the Doc say's do you think you have an infection? Take care Val x

  • definately got an infection - started on holiday and finished the antibios this morning and within a few hours there was a reappearance of the green stuff ....... yuk!

    i'm lucky coz i am not on SSP yet, my company pay me full sick pay but not sure how long it will last for, it then goes to half pay, and yeah your right, the stress of worrying how the mortgage will be paid does not help.

    i don't have stairs to cope with at home or work , my company put me in an office where i walk only 5 feet from my car ( parking space sorted by them) to the lift, then about the same to my new office and i live in a ground floor flat.

    I love my job so i think thats what makes me feel so guilty, but my health takes priority, the rest will work its way out.


  • It's good that work sorted everything for you it certainly does help, the company I work for is a private community care company so just get SSP which is half my weely wage - never mind we manage. Live in a bungalow but do find the stairs a problem at work. I am not sure if the infection they gave me IV antibiotics for has cleared need to get it checked next week Val x

  • Look after yourselves work will be there when we are finished

  • Thanks x

  • I've been back at work for a month on reduced hours. (Was off for six months). Tomorrow I go back to full time. I'm not feeling great, but I do love my work and they're very good to me. I just hope the lift in the office doesn't break down as my office is on the top floor. ouch.

    I've used up the six months on full salary, so if I'm off again it will be on half pay for up to six months. I really can't afford to do that, so I'm praying that I can remain stable enough to continue working. When I have to go into hospital I will take it as annual leave, thus not losing any more money.

    Like someone else said, it's very stressful knowing the mortgage and bills have to be paid, whether you're sick or not.

    Life isn't easy - but I keep reminding myself that there's always someone worse off than me!

  • Definately there is always someone worse off I agree, you just have to do the best you can, I want to keep going as long as I can, know that as time goes on it gets harder and harder Val

  • True Anne, now we are in yet another recession everybody is getting stressed over bills, i think if you are sick it tends to put a little more pressure on you, either way we are all worried about losing our jobs/homes.

    i loved your last comment - life isn't easy , and yeah, there are may people who are worse off than me and i should really take time out to remember that.

    Hope it all works out for you.


  • I hope your employers realise they have dedicated, quality staff working for them and help you through this bad period. Take care. Richard.

  • Thanks Richard have worked for them for 16yrs now, from full time as a carer co-ordinator down to 20 hrs in the office, hope I get back soon fingers crossed for the 18th Val

  • Thanks Stitch x

  • thanks stitch - :)

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