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my mum, this should make you smile, if not I give up

my mum was frugal, no she was meagre, no actually she was a tight **** who would cut a current in half, and watching her make one pork chop feed 7 had to be seen to be believed, she was a character who left a lot of memories behind when she died in 1990 and I still laugh at them, I hope you do too.

They were never rich, but they were comfortable, and Mum and dad went to blackpool 6 or 7 times a year always to the same boarding house, and I have a hilarious story about one particular holiday if you want to hear it, but I will start with Christmas. They always went to Blackpool and as the youngest daughter and only one left at home, I was farmed out to my sisters, but that was great, especially when they had their kids. I would watch mum as she carefully wrapped a nice piece of crystal bought as a present for the landlady of the boarding house, then she would start on ours. We used to always save their presents till last as they were the highlights of our Christmas. We would all have tea on Boxing day then play a cassette tape left by Dad, it would be their very best telephone voices, which actually sounded nothing like them and mum sounded like the queen, a piping thin posh voice. They would wish us Happy Christmas and wish they were there, which of course if they really wanted to they could have been.Then dad would say it was quiz time children, and he would sing songs and they had to name that tune,. Then we would turn the tape over and record us opening our presents. Mum would have had a right good clear out of her cupboards, they were our presents, a coffee pot with a crack, a clock that didn't work, and once a tea cosy so threadbare it was useless, but we loved opening them. Mind you she went to town with the kids presents, she would stick cotton wool or red crepe paper on a cardboard box and fill it with torn up newspaper, then tie a present to a piece of string with a name label on and put them in the XMAS BRAN TUB. The kids would take a present one at a time, my sisters had 9 children between them so there was a lot of noise, which is really all you can hear on the tape ( I still have the one from 1977, when my 3 children made 12) but occasionally a childs voice could be heard plainly, " ta fo yoyo nan" or " ta fo pencil nan" There could be rubbers, rulers, pencils, one each of course. Good memories Mum and Dad,

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What a lovely story amagran and thank you for the chuckle it gave me :)


Do not give up amagram it brings so many memories of my own back.


keep your stories coming amagran, they make me smile.


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