hip pain

I have noticed recently that when i get an infection i also get pain in my hips and achey legs.

Is it a coincidence or does anyone else get pain?

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  • Hiya, i keep getting a really bad achey pain down my left leg, from my hip, down into my foot and toes, my big toe was actually blue yesterday. Doctor thought it was sciatica, but i dont really think it is, when i have it, i find it hard to walk or get comfortable

  • Thank you - thought it was just me ....... or old age !!!!

    will definitely mention it when i see the Dr now.

  • My dad has sciatica and its in his left side, starts at his bum and goes down the leg. He's had it for years and arthritis.

    Sometimes when it plays up he can't sit for long as it aches terrible and he gets up to exercise it but thenn moving his leg doesn't help for long so it is a viscious circle really. he can't sit for long or walkfor long.

    sounds like sciatica to me but not sure about the blue toe!#

  • About 6 months ago i had bursitis, apparently its like tennis elbow of the hip!!! but that was really painful, this is more like an ache really, dont know what sciatica is but from whats been said i think i might google it and see if its like that.

    thanks Tanyamarie

  • My dog had bursor on the leg once because he jumped a big fence the vet said it would be normal again and it did go back when not allowed to run for 2 weeks so if it is the same you will be ok

  • I've had major issues with my right hip for a few yrs and now its starting in my left.. I get an ache all the way down my right leg at night, I've spoke to my doc many times concerning this but alas its another thing he will do nothing about unless I go physio, been and the girl left me with more issues i.e. trapping a nerve in my right hip to the point of no feeling in the whole leg so I refuse to go back to see her and because I refuse he won't take me seriously concerning my hip.. So, yes I understand about hip pain whether its related to copd I have no clue..

  • its strange that a few of us seem to get the same sort of pain, mine starts at night too !! makes me wonder if maybe there is a link.

  • I too have this problem in my right hip/leg. As I had surgery last June on my right foot so I was lucky enough to be able to contact my surgeon and ask to visit his clinic. He said it was sciatica at first but was concerned enough to want an x-ray on my spine. The x-ray showed a curve in my spine and acute arthritis had set in. Nothing can be done except new pain relief. However, I am pleased I had the x-ray as I have learned one thing in the past yr and it is to take control of the pain and not to let the pain take control of me. I use my pain refief before I need it and do not push myself into doing more than I am capable of. (OK I sit down a bet more, but I do stop and smell the roses. For all of you who are suffering this way - whatever the cause - do not give in, go back to the Doc and ask for an x-ray. Take control, you will feel better for it. There is no doubt that this Bronchiectasis has made me sometimes turn in on myself but I fight it and refusse to give in, I ask for help and 9 out of 10 times, I get it. Good luck everyone. Maximonkey

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