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what a wonderful holiday......NOT!!! but good news when i got home!!

firstly-sorry Val, didn't get to lick the whippy ice-cream as promised!!!!!

Arrived on Saturday and the weather was fantastic so spent the afternoon sitting in the kiddies- pool-pure bliss.

Sunday( first big mistake) walked to the shop -got lost- so was in a right state wen i got back.

Monday- it starts..... laid on sofa at 2pm for a nap

tuesday- woke up at 3.15, with the exception of wee and water wake ups i slept for over 24 hrs.

You can guess the rest!!!

Fortunately, we only went to the isle of wight so we where able to get a ferry back home a day early ( became unable to breathe on the ferry but 2 of the staff where fantastic-"big up wightlink" to quote grandaughter and letter on its way)

On the plus side- (big-up you lot)


Thanks for all your support everyone, i did as you said and reapplied and had a letter telling me its ready for collection.

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Ah no that's just typical! That usually happens to me bet you are glad to be back home. I will eventually get my Mr Whippy ha ha, it's a lot cooler though isn't it? Also glad you got your blue badge they are a good help, take care and look after yourself get plenty rest Val x


Congratulations on getting your Blue Badge. As Val says rest up and recover. Taking trips away can be exhausting and often its a one day fun and two days recover.


Sorry to hear your break wasn't all you had hoped it would be krazylady :( but the blue badge news is good.

I had a missed phone call yesterday and a message on the answerphone to tell me that I've got a Blue Badge too....... just need to ring them back on Wednesday and pay the required £10 :)


Nice to get away from home for a while then you have the memories before it is winter again. Enjoy the things you like doing then rest for a while.

kind regards Ethel


Pick your self up dust yourself down ready for the next time it is so hard knowing when that might be with this.


my god i am feeling so ill - usual tiredness, headaches, coughing, SOB etc - its been a week now and slowly i am getting better.

Called the ambulance out yesterday and the paramedic was wonderful - out came the O2 then he said "dya know what love, i think you are having a panic attack coz you cant breathe properly" told me to cup my hands over my mouth and breathe into them, well i was shocked - within 15 mins i was breathing almost normally, but now i'm worried about calling 999 incase i'm mid panic attack. Still, better safe than sorry.


Yes be safe when you feel bad about breathing call ambulance they will help with your panic now my doctor is helping me stop panic by talking called CBT where talking will help to know what happens with panic fast breathe in time it will get better


thanks for your support guys.

Was shocked to find out i had a panic attack coz i have never had one before and am so calm in a crisis. to be told i was mid panic attack was overwhelming for me, but you are both right - better safe than sorry


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