Hi everyone,

I don`t know if I have done the right thing. I have just bought a nebulizer on line, I have had to use one before at the doctors surgery and had one on loan over a weekend recently and could`nt believe how much beeter I felt. I asked about buying one but was told that it is not encouraged. Unfortunatley these last few days I have been very very breathless (since it has turned cooler I have to add) and feel terrible. I`ve had to stop a lot more frequently and just want to be able to breathe `normally` if you know what I mean.

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday

Regards Linda

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  • Hi Digger2

    Thanks for replying. Yes I have the nebules and know how to use them. Just waiting for it to arrive.



  • My doctor suggested i purchase one as ( in my PCT) they do not give them out. He prescribes the nebules.

    I agree, best thing for me, if i use my neb in the morning i have found a BIG difference in my breathing for the rest of the day.

    hope you have the same good fortune


  • You might want to ask your consultant with regard to a long term loan of a nebuliser. The benefit is that the hospital equipment pool will check or replace your nebuliser annually and will also supply new piping, mask/mouthpiece.

    Good luck. X

  • I was told to buy a nebuliser 2 years ago as my PCT won't pay for one and I was only given a short term loan. I was told by my consultant which one to buy as he said some can only be used for salbutamol ( ventolin) and others can also be used for antibiotics. I use mine twice a day for both salbutamol and colomycin.


  • Hi oakhouse 2 when you use a nebuliser full time remember to clean after use, as well as replacing the pipe and mouth piece annually to stop the spread of infection as cofdrop says this happens with loan equipment but is easily forgotten.

  • Hi Philly, thanks for your reply,

    I am hoping that I won`t be using it all the time, its just when my breathing is particulally bad that I intend to use it. I know how germs can quickly turn into infections and can sometimes have a detrimental effect on our health, so I will be taking care to clean it properly after use.

    Regards Linda

  • Linda

    Glad to hear the neb. is giving you a lot of help. I too bought one some years ago when I was first diagnosed as I was advised to use it for a while afterwards and like others here, one wasn't available for loan after the first week home!

    I am a bit confused now as my respiratory nurse suggests that one 2.5 Ventolin nebule is the equivalent of taking 26 puffs of the Ventolin inhaler - not something I want to do giving the unwanted side effects! An alternative method is using a "spacer" or "volumiser" and spraying one puff of the inhalant into it and then "sipping" about 10 sips in and out - much easier than trying to take a deep breath when you can't get your breath.

    So I am at a loss as to whether to continue using it or not. Have to say at present I am more breathless than ever despite being on ltot and could probably do with the relief, but may also be down to being really deconditioned or whatever term is being used.


  • Hi there Mulie,

    I have been told that using 10 puffs of ventolin through a spacer is the equivalent to using a nebulizer. Iv`e tried this but it does`nt seem to have the desired effect, although I haven`t tried the ``sipping` method but I will. Like I`ve said previously I don`t intend using it unless I`m really bad. I agree that using our sprays too much much does trigger the side effects so I am careful with that also. It is a problem really but we have to go with what ever meets our needs, we are after all different. Thanks for your reply and I will be trying the `sipping` method this afternoon.

    Regards Linda

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