British Lung Foundation

Hello from fundraising


I'm Dominic I work in the fundraising team.

Basically our job is to get in money from loads of different sources so that the BLF can keep doing all the great work that it does.

The fundraising team is split up into 4 different departments:

Events - support all the people who raise money for us by taking on a challenge or holding an event check out for more info about how you can join in.

Individual giving - look after all our individual supporters who make a donation. This might be a one off donation, a monthly direct debit or leaving a legacy to the BLF. They also look after all our members and encourage new people to support us through their raffles and appeals.

Trusts and Foundations - this team apply to hundreds of grant giving bodies a year to bring in money for our work.

Corporate - this is the team I work in, we encourage companies to support the BLF's projects or our work as a whole. We work very closely with the companies making sure they are happy with our work and also encouraging employees to raise some extra money for the BLF. If you have a contact in a company that you think would like to support the BLF we'd love to hear about it email

That's a very basic overview of the work we do, I'll be putting other bits about important fundraising activities in the future.




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