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Doctor appointment nightmare should I go private?

I have just returned from the doctors i have felt worse all week and put it down to the weather as its cooler today I tried to ring the Chest nurse but was told that in view of my problems I have to go straight down to see the doctor. I waited an 1 hour and 15mins. I went in to see him explained my problem he then asked what made me think I have Bronchiectasis I said the specialist had told me and the long story he then told me to shut up while he read my notes as he was trying to help me. After him taking two phone calls and making one and telling about another patient he listened to my chest and told me I have an infection.

I asked about being referred to another specialist as I have not seen mine for well over a year and apparently he has left the hospital.He said he wouldn't do it as I had been invited there for an emergency consultation.I asked why I was getting worse when the specialist had said there was no reason why I should he told me I had not understood anything the specialist had told me but failed to elaborate.

I also needed a letter just simply stating I have Bronchiectasis & Alpha 1 I didnt dare ask!

I left his office and told the receptionist that I hadnt dared ask him after he had berated me and she said she would write a note to ask another doctor. The doctor then came out and grabbed the note from the receptionist and gave me a big long lecture in front of the whole surgery about how good he had been to me inviting me to come for an appointment the receptionist said is there any need and he marched off and then came back and dumped the note.

I came back feeling so much worse stressed and unable to breath as well as my infection and no clue what is happening to me.

Has anyone any experience of going private just to get some medication sorted and some information how much would this cost?

.I told the doctor the only information I had got was from the internet and he told me I was wasting my time.

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Forget about going private right now, how this doctor behaved was highly inappropriate. In the first instance you must make a formal complaint to the practise manager, he should then be formally investigated, and then you should be fully informed of the outcome. You may wish to stay with the practise and just see another GP, otherwise I would suggest you move medical practises. Keep us up dated!

I also wish to add, if this GP was so confident about his conduct during your consultation, why did he behave in the way he did publicly, stating in his own manner how good he had been to. A GP who was confident he had behaved correctly would not have felt the need to speak out so openly in front of the surgery. I think also by talking publicly to you in the way he did he broke patient confidence.

You must report this individual, he is not permitted to humiliate or uintimidate patients, and has been most unhelpful.

He is taking his personal matters out on you.

You should not be forced into imagining you ought to need private treatment,this individual is a very poor doctor, as mentioned above he is way out of line by breaking patient confidence and sharing your private matters with the general public.

I think the doctor needs a doctor.

I would change your doctor asap. Within the same practice or a new practice all together. Phone the BLF helphline about this incident to see what they may advise.

Going private will be very expensive the cost of medicines alone will be very costly. Check with your pharmacist about the real costs of the medications you take.

Hope you can get this situation resolved, you don't want to be going back to that doctor.

Let us know how you get on.

Auntymary xx

my husband had had 6 chest infections in 6 months and so dr sent him for xray, I kept going in for result, not back yet, not back yet, after a week I was told, by the receptionist, yes its all fine, dr signed it off. The day after he was in hospital, with pneumonia , and told he had emphysema and ipf, the dr had been treating him for asthma. a week later he was still in hosp and the receptionist rung up to say that the dr thought maybe he should make an appt to see him but to stress it wasn't serious or important. WE NEVER WENT BACK TO THAT DR, Change drs tyniesha, we changed surgeries not just dr.

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amagran, never accept communication from the receptionist about your test results. Your test results are private and only a doctor is qualified to read those results to you over the phone or in person.

I had a receptionist tell me things were ok over the phone only to find out from the doctor 2 weeks later that was not the case. Now I always refuse communication from receptionist about test results and opt to make an appointment to see the doctor in person.

Please make a formal complaint about your Doctor's appalinng unprofessional behaviour to the practice manager & the local PCT. This behaviour should not be tolerated within the NHS. Do not go 'Private' just find another GP in the NHS.


My father saw a private consultant yesterday. It cost £150 at Spire in Cardiff (was Bupa). It was the best £150 we ever spent. Whilst our GP is excellent, she is by no means a specialist with his medical condition and has limited knowledge. After 4 years of 'being forgotten' my dad has achieved more in 1 hour than 4 years! We have another follow up appointment in 6 weeks at a cost of £75 and any medication that dad needs, the consultant writes down and we take it to our GP who issues an NHS prescription-and in Wales its free.

we shouldn't have to pay for the best care but arguing about it won't get us anywhere, it is a fact and when you have a lung condition you need reults-fast!

As for the GP you saw, yes I would complain to the LHB about him but certainly request a meeting with the practice manager like I did to discuss my dads care. I requested 1 GP to look after my dad at all times and for them to ensure they were knowledgable on his condition. Outcome is excellent and all round care is superb. I hope you get somewhere, you deserve better x

It is great that you have had such a positive result from seeking medical advice via the private route, but whilst we would all love speedily care at the first request, not everyone has access to funds required. So for those of us who do not, we must make sure that they have the best care available under the NHS. There are some excellent GPs and resp, specialists in this country, and some people just need some advice and support on how to achieve this within the NHS service. For all the slamming and criticism we give the NHS, compared to the care people of little or no income receive in countries where there is little or no public health system we are lucky.

Thank you for all your advice to be honest feeling pretty rubbish about it all just now I have emailed Spire to see I would just like some answers with out been told to 'Shut up' they should try feeling like this all the time. No doubt by next week I will feel a bit more positive again and be up for the fight but today not - time to regroup for a couple of days and pull myself together. The one good thing is the receptionist from the surgery rung today to see if I am OK which says something for how kind people can be and on here of course!.

Thank you again.

That was nice of the receptionist, there are some gems out there who genuinely care. I hope you feel positive soon, the fight needs to go on but I know how exhausting it can all be at times, I see it in my dad.

One day at a time, shout, scream, cry, laugh, smile.........in whatever order you want xxx

Hi Tyniesha - just a small point but may help if you decide to complain about this doctor. If he discussed any detail regarding your reason for visiting or your condition at the reception and in front of people in the waiting room he was in breach of the Data Protection regulations which all NHS employees have to abide by.

Hope you get sorted easier when you know what it is you are facing

Your doctor is not your boss he is your servant , my husband never lets a doctor or Consultant talk down to me and neither should you , is there anyone who would be willing to go and see this doctor with you who will not allow him to speak to you and treat you this way ? if so take that person with you, it sounds to me the GP is playing God don't let him he gets paid a very good wage to see and treat you .

A very bad experience for you at a time when life was already throwing enough in your path. Do hope you are feeling better with the advice from people helping you.

kind regards Ethel

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