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BLF Bronchiectasis Online Surgery

Hi Everyone

If you missed our online surgery on Bronchiectasis here is the full recording.

The surgery was presented by Michael Loebinger, a respiratory consultant from Royal Brompton Hospital and Lizzie Flude, a specialist physiotherapist.

We received a lot of questions in advance of, and during, the event so if you weren't lucky enough to have your question answered why not ask the members of the BLF community here.

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Recently learned via cat scan I have bronchiectasis after getting pseudonomas, was treated in hospital and at home with IV antibiotics and prednisolone, after years of COPD. Am very physically & emotionally depleted and had to give up my pro-active lifestyle. Am signed up for pulmonary rehab. I have learned much from this excellent video. However, no mention of prednisolone, which I have been prescribed regularly over the years (and although finally came off it slowly a fortnight ago am on it again for '3-5 days' as breathlessness recurred - no infection present at the moment so no longer on antibiotics). Am very concerned about side effects. All the doctors I have discussed this with have assured me that the benefits outweigh the side effects. I am wondering why, when the steroid treatment plays such a large part in my owntreatment, there is no mention of it on this informational video? Any helpful response welcome. Thank you.

Might it be helpful ?.. if consultants / GP's / nurses suggest that you take Acidophilus / probiotics after taking antibiotics which "knock-out" essential friendly stomach bacteria - I always get diarrhoea with antibiotics. I would like to try inhaled antibiotics.

I have only recently come across this brilliant webinar - it's clear, well-delivered, totally understandable and has answered so many questions. Thank You Dr Loebinger and Lizzie Flude.

I see it was posted 4 years ago, which coincidentally was when I was first diagnosed with Bronchiectasis - how's that for synchronicity?!

Anyhow, I really how we might have more of this on here in the months to follow please :)

Does anyone know when Bronchiectasis was 1st recognised by the NHS as a chronic condition?

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