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started Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help understand about the panic with my breathing. It is talking about things which make my problem worse and how I feel when breathing is bad we are going to spend time finding triggers for my panicand what is needed to stop it happening so often. This will take as much time as I need to understand how not to be panicked when faced with things which frighten me like hills or trying to cross at crossings

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well done crisps, it's great that you are taking steps to making things better for you. hope it all goes well x

Hi Crisps,

Did you have panic attacks in relation to other things before you became ill, or did it start with the illness?

Hello, firstly well done for take the step forward to tackle these panic attacks which can be very scary and restricting on both a mental and physical level. Working with a qualified therapist, in a safe environment and at your pace to understand your fears and triggers and work towards diminishing and eventually dismissing panic attacks can be a tough but a very rewarding journey creating self belief and confidence. You may currently find that you avoid certain areas / crossings etc which can take a lot of forward planning and can be emotionally hard work (and you may have notice the restrictions and fears increasing as time went on?). However, working with your therapist will help you to reduce any current restrictions or limitations and begin afresh with renewed confidence. CBT is a very effective therapy when dealing with such issues. I wish you all the very best and would be interested to hear of your progress.

Take care

It can help to put an elastic band on your wrist, then when feeling panic, stop, remember a time when you felt really confident - the mind and the body remember how to act with confidence if you remind them :)

Not very good with how to say things but it makes me better that people know about this and try to help thanks is not enough for your help but all I have.

Anxiety has been a problem which has got really bad as trying to breathe faster is part of the problem we are talking about. Why breathing is faster before panic takes over and tells me I can not breathe. Have gone a big step by starting need to keep going and learn the things which help.

Hello again Crisps,

Anxiety and low mood/depression can go hand in hand with many health conditions so you really are not alone. You are doing really well, feel free to call me at the helpline if you feel like a chat about anxiety, CBT, or anything at all (in confidence). 03000 030 555.

Take care, well done and good luck :-)


Well done for making such a positive step, doesn't matter how long you take to reach your goal, but already you have achieved loads. Very best of luck!

How brave of you to start to deal with your problems. Lots of luck - I am sure with your positive attitude you will be successful. TAD xx

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