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Cruising with oxygen

I added aquestion to this tag a little while ago asking if anyone knew where I could hire an Oxygen concentrator for a cruise holiday. I am due to cruise from Malage, Spain, in Sept. and I would like to hire a concentrator , delivered to the dock at Malaga. The unit could be collected when the ship returns to Malaga a week later. I have tried all the suggested possibilities that were sent in response to my question but none of them can provide this service. I have been in contact with the BLF team. Bill (Omega) only supplies cruises from the UK. (I don't need Oxygen to fly, but I believe that taking a portable unit with me will put a big strain on me.)

I don't know what else to do. Can anyone offer any suggestions.

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This company was mentioned in a previous posting:

Omega Oxygen - UK based contact - 01273 38176.

I hope to travel to Switzerland later this year to visit my daughter and grand-daughter who liver there. I checked Omega Oxygen's website but it's in the process of being updated, so I may ring them after the Bank Holiday.

Let us know if they are able to help you.

Thank you. This company only provides services to cruises lleaving from the UK. e.g southampton

Try contacting Bill Quantrill from Omega Oxygen. is his website.

Bill only provides services to ships leaving UK ports.

Supplying 02 to cruise ships at ports across UK, Europe and USA ;

Disabilityholidays do not provide oxygen for cruise holidays

The BLF helpline may also have a list.

Have a great fly cruise - do let us know how you get on with the o2 and with your travels.

Having no success at all in finding an oxygen rental company that will provide the service I request. I have followed all the recommendations provided by members of this site. I appreciate all the help and I am disappointed to have to report that I have not been able to locate a supplier yet. Thank you all for your kind help.

have you spoken to your current oxygen company? do they have any contacts who can help you?

thankfor your comment. Yes I have spoken to my current company, Air Liquide, but they do not provide this service.

This might be a bit late but I have only just started using this site. there is a firm that supply portable concentrators for sale but they also rent them for a short term loan for holidays. Don't know if it is restricted to Uk or whether you can take them out of the country. They are hope this helps and isn't too late

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I did manage to take a portable unit with me and everything worked out very well.

We have cruised twice from Southampton and used Omega. Whilst some people say that they are expensive we find them friendly, helpful and, most important, reliable

Thank you for the information. I expect the price is dependant on where you live and where you are sailing from. Because I live in Northern Ireland, and was boarding the ship in Spain, I would have needed to hire the unit for a number of days before leaving home (so that the unit could be sent to my home prior to my travel)

Then I would add the cost of rental while on holiday, and then add more days because I would have to package the unit and return it to the rental company. This does add significant cost due to package and post.

Right, I see. We sailed from Southhampton and it was delivered the morning we sailed. This year I have hired a portable concentrator which will be delivered to me at home. I need it for use on a flight

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