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Mild copd and DLA?

hi all

ive had copd from Oct 2012 and ive put in for DLA but ive been knocked back after a review and there doctor being out to see me !

ive not did an appeal as yet as im not sure how long i can appeal it from the date of review!

i also suffer depression & anxiety and i have a CPU for the mental health problems but ive found a form for a bus pass on the mental health part has anyone put in for this?

im also keen to know of any other help here in scotland as there is no groups near here in Linlithgow.

many thanks to all who reply.

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many thanks for the advice...

yes i agree with you that the mild part dont carry much weight lol as its not really in the mix.

i understand and know 1st hand how this terminal disease works as i watched my Nana die from it and also my mother has it.

i also understand there may well be a link to low birth weight as i was premature and under the weight of a bag of sugar when i came into this world.

i think ive got the forms that you talk about(NCT001&NCT002) although im going to try get it under the mental health part due to my depression and anxiety problems as im not sure i can get it with copd !

Ive also got the gym pass for 3 month and im also getting occupational therapy just waiting on an appointment.

ive got to find out how how long i have to appeal as ive not been on track with things of late as i couldn't be bothered to be honest due to mood swings and the like.

im very grateful for the help that you have offered.

many thanks

hi Stitch

you know i never thought of it like that to be honest with you!

im at odds as wot is best and right to do just now plus i stay on my own so im keen to get a hold on things.

id just got a dog to try get out more but im thinking now the dog hair aint a good mix with copd.

thank you for the food of thought !

many thanks and all the best to you Stitch.

Hi Roger

You may want to try acupuncture - I didn't go for helping with low spirit as I try to keep smiling and manage it mostly - however, just one session led my daughter to say how calm and content I looked - and since then I have been better and happier even when short of breath. Keep your chin up...seriously, that helps too.

Hello Gordon :)

There are three stages involved in COPD. Mild, moderate and severe. Severe is considered the final stage. I have severe COPD and recently applied for, (for the first time), and was awarded, DLA highere rate for mobility component and middle rate for care component.

I would do as one of the other members has suggested and recruit the help of your doctor as well as someone in the Benefits Advice sector. My local Town Hall has a Benefits Advice Officer and he completed my application for me. I doubt I would have got it had I completed it myself.

I hope that if you decide to appeal that you are successful.

many thanks Elian

and well done for the award !

as you say the 3 stages of copd but i think no matter wot stage it is stlll bad !

i had a guy from the advice shop do my claim so im going to push all the way for something to be done!

many thanks.

Hi all - seem to have missed a stage out in the above posts - there are 4 stages - mild, moderate, severe and very severe. Severe is fev1 below 50%, very severe is fev1 below 30%. source; NICE 2010 COPD guidelines.

I failed to get DLA when I applied for it in 2010, I appealed against their decision and went to Tribunal in April 2011. My Tribuanl was heard in 2 parts due to them having adjourned it because they wanted to see my ESA medical results and confirm carpool tunnel from my doctors records. I felt the first part I was winning, until they adjourned it. I went back 2 months later only to be put in front of 3 different people from the first interview, they did not take anything into consideration of my first part of my Tribunal and treated the whole as a new which meant I was turned down.. I believe you have to appeal within 12 weeks of getting the letter of denial. I now have 'Dial' visitng me on the 12th June to re-apply even though I do not want to go through all that again as the stress is just to much to cope with as well as COPD..

My husband applied for DLA October 2010. Had an ATOS medical end of December 2010. During the medical it was so obvious he was struggling with the simple excercises the doctor was getting him to do. Admitted to hospital 3rd January 2011 due to very severe exacerbation of COPD. March 2011, DLA turned down. He appealed. Finally over a year later we have got a date for the appeal for next month.

Despite having severe COPD, cant cook as cant lift things safely off cooker. Can barely walk up the road, sleeps for 18 hours at a time, Im not too hopeful he will get DLA.

Ooops forgot to ask. Those that have been sucessful when appealed, what things did the panel ask?

Also forgot to mention husbands DLA form was filled in with help from CAB. Should we ask them to go with him for the appeal. At the moment he just wants me to go with him, so I can drop him off at the door as only 1 disabled parking space there which I guess will be taken and done know how far the other parking spaces are from the building.

Thanks for reply Stitch and the useful advice :) . Looks like it will be ok for me to go along with him then.

Did you win your appeal?

From my experience of Copd. I have suffered copd now since 1987. When I was first diognosed I had mild copd. That hardly effected me at all. I could at that stage do most, if not all things, even if at times I got a little more breathless than normal at times. Going up hills was no problem. And I could walk long distances. My view is your chances with mild copd of getting DLA are zero. DLA has two components. The mobility allowance, and the care allowance. To get the care allowance you have to be able to qualify for the mobility allowance. And you don't to be honest. The Department of Works and Pensions will ask for advice from your doctor, specialist, and respiratory nurse. But doubt you have the last two. They also have the 'bible'. That will describe to them how copd will effect you at the varios stages. And it is accurate. I have read it. Sorry but as anyone that reads my blog knows, I tell it like it is. The good news is that for many years you will be reasonable fit. There are four classes fo copd. Mild, moderate, severe, and very severe.

thank you all !

Hi Roger - A high % of applications which are turned down are awarded DLA on appeal. However I would not advocate that you fill the forms in yourself or that you ask the DWP's advice - no way. You might want to get some help from a welfare expert from one of the following organisations: Welfare Rights, CAB or DIAL. They do not lie, but they will concentrate on your bad days and will put down things we would not put down because we think them trivial or embarassing. Most definitely your anxiety and depression and it's effectfs should be included in your application form. Personally I found my local Welfare Rights to be excellent, but I have heard good reports from others on a site I am privileged to be a member of regarding DIAL and CAB. As your application is regarding disability they will come to your home.

Good luck - don't give up - and please get the experts in. XXX

got rejected last week - thought it was really funny because they said i was able to do stuff i havnt been able to do for about 18 months.i rang DLA and asked for an explanation and the woman could not understand me because i couldn't breathe...........

appealed straight away

many thanks to all who took the time to reply.............

as it is ive missed the appeal date as its 28 days now..............

plus the dhss have said im fit to work so ive got to appeal that now its driving me mad all this !

as im on incapacity benefit it seems that its going to be a long hard job to see wot the outcome will sure aint helping my anxiety or depression at all.

I have been turned down for dla but I got a disabled bus pass.

me too i was turned for dla and got blue badge and buss pass assesed by local authority

I got the bus pass on the grounds of having breathing problems when I walk.

Hi Mumsy I have moderate copd and slight scoliosis in my back do you think I could get a bus pass!

When I had mild copd my GP said no!

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