Renting oxygen in Florida

Before going on holiday this year I contacted the better know suppliers of oxygen and was quoted $700/800 for rental on an oxygen concentrator for 2 weeks.

I researched a bit on the internet and found a company in Kissimmee. I contacted them and found them to really helpful, to the extent that they arranged to deliver the machine to where I was staying, at no extra charge.

They also arranged to collect the machine at a location where it was convienient for me to leave it on my way back to the airport.

heir charge for two week was $200.

The machine they gave me was fairly new, fairly quiet, and at a weight that we could lift it into the car as we moved from location to location.

I highly recommend this company called Burkley Oxygen Services and will be happy to provide their email address if anyone is interested.

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  • boiler Don't you need oxygen to fly? There are many US companies that offer portable oxygen you can take on the plane and use for your entire vacation.

  • Good afternoon copdliving,

    Would you happen to have the names of these companies? We really would like to expand our list of contacts for USA and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hello copdiving, good question. Prior to travelling by air I had a flight assessment test and was certified ok to fly without oxygen. However I did need to have oxygen for sleeping hours.

    I did research portable units before I left and actually tested one of the latest models delivering 2l/m continuous flow and it was fine in every way except I thought it was too noisy, This is way I opted for the oxygen concentrator.

  • Are you on O2 24/7? What did you use for getting about? I use liquid oxygen here at home or small cylinders. I've travelled twice to Florida with Virgin who didnt charge for the O2 used on their flights. Now I'm dependant on O2 i worry about the amounts i would need at the airports on either side of the Atlantic and would they deliver it to me at the airport? I'd love to go back but the worry about the O2 stops me.


  • Hello Maureen. I am prescribed oxygen for 15 hours a day, mainly during night hours. I usually get about 10 hrs.

    I can't answer on behalf of the company that I rented from but based on what they did for me I think they would work out something to help you. It is a family run business and they do try very hard to please.

    I specifically asked for an oxygen concentrator but I believe they also rent portable units. Here are details if you wish to contact them;

    Burkley Oxygen Services, Inc, email '' and address your question to Annette. I look forward to hearing how you get on Maureen.

  • Hi Maureen,

    This is really useful information you have here, I wonder when you last flew with Virgin and whether you know if they still don't charge for oxygen. All I can find on their website is the list of POC's they will accept on board but no information on cost.

    Why don't you give us a call on the Helpline on 03000 030 555 and we can discuss your oxygen needs? We have a couple of contacts for oxygen in the USA. They may be companies you have tried before but they may not.

    Hope to speak to you soon Maureen,


  • Hi Biddy my POC was on Virgins acceptable list but they wouldnt let me use it on the flight. Their reason was they didnt have a power point near to me. Its 2 years since i flew with Virgin but a friend of mine still flies with Virgin to Florida several times a year and still no charge for the O2. The only stipulation is they only allow 2 users on any 1 flight. I didnt use any companies when i was in Florida because I wasn't on o2 24/7 i used my own POC when asleep and when in our apartment or in the car if i needed it. I found in the theme parks when i was on my mobility scooter i didnt need any o2.


  • Wow! I didn't realise how much was out there or how much things have moved on over the past few years - just found this - Brighton based - and they supply to cruise companies like Fred Olsen etc. too. Will have a better nose around the site later - here it is for anyone interested;

  • This link may be worth investigating:


  • Yes, right again. In fact that was from me when I was searching out potential suppliers

  • Here's alink to some information we have put together about traveling with oxygen. I travel with an Eclipse. I can use it on planes, in airports in my hotel room and even in the car. It has 1-3LPM continuous as well as 1-6LPM pulsed. I have traveled thousands od miles on land and air using it for the past 6 years.


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