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anyone in the Huddersfield area- fancy joining us for a party on the 29th June- 7.30pm onwards?

80s Charity Bash at the University of Huddersfield Student Union. 80s music- 80s dress up and karaoke and all things 80s!

proceeds go to the British Lung Foundation.. a fun way to raise some cash!

come along - everyone welcome!

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Hello dionne :)

Sadly, your link didn't work for me and you forgot to tell us what date the party is ......



oh no! I will try again!

watch this space!


Good luck with the party Dionne - would have loved to attend but slight problem of a few hundred miles distance between us and the fact that I am usually in my nightie sliding slowly down the sofa by 8pm makes it unlikely :( Sure you will all have a fantastic time though :) best wishes P.


ah well if you have a favourite 80s tune let me know and I will make sure they play it for you! :-)


nice tune Stitch.. gonna get that on You Tube now and then add it to the Dj list!


OK this is not a party song, in fact it's a bit of a tear jerker for me these days but I love this 80's hit, particularly in this black and white, smokey version - its bittersweet, makes me cry and makes me wish I had someone watching over me :(

But for your party, perhaps some of my 'treadmill music' - 'Walking on Sunshine' would be more uplifting :) Thank you.


aww nice tune and very appropiate for this site! I will play for sure now and will deffo add Walking on Sunshine to the DJ list!


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