I have been ill for the past several days and I had a sputum sent off on Wednesday prior to commening Zithromax 500 mg daily x 7 days.

However, the results from the laboratory have come back today and I am growing Penicillin Resistant Staph Aureas with coliforms, and resitant to the Zithromax. So I am anxiously waiting to hear from my Consultant Chest Physician whether I need to go into Hospital for IV antibiotics today!

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  • Hope you get answers and what you need soon before it gets a bad hold on you

  • I hope you are ok. Let us know how you are when you can. Thinking of you and hope you will be feeling better soon.

  • Hope you get to hear soon and hope you start to feel better soon. TAD xx

  • Hope you feel better soon. and not anxious either. On reading this, are you breathing with your diaphragm or top chest ? first helps reduce anxiety as well as breathing .... hmm a link there :) take care

  • Thanks everybody, they say they will review whether I.V .on Monday

  • Har breathing in the heat without infection hope they help you soon

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