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This heat is awful!

Just wanted a moan really.

I thought I would probably get much better during the summer months than I was during the spring/winter. NOT so!

This afternoon it was so warm and uncomfortable in the office. I opened doors and windows to try to get fresh air and had a fan blowing in my face too. However, my chest was still feeling tight and I was getting breathless. Not to mention this infernal dry cough and the blooming tiredness!!! I'm going to have to watch out because I may be heading for another infection :(

I've been back at work on reduced hours for almost three weeks now, having been off ill for the last six months, so I suppose it's only to be expected that I'm not going to be exactly bounding with energy and the picture of health.

I'm going to have to be off again when I go into the hospital for the surgical biopsy and for maybe a week or two afterwards. The sooner the better so that I can hopefully get a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Oh how I wish I was independently wealthy and didn't have to work! lol

And breathe.....


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Yes you're probably right, Stitch. It's just that people always associate cold,damp, windy weather as being bad for anyone with a chest condition. I think it's kind of forgotten that this heat can be just as difficult!

Thankfully I still have all my annual leave to take for this year, so I can take the time off for the hospital stay and recuperation as annual leave, thus not having to have any more time off on half salary. Luckily we get paid full salary for the first six months off, then half salary for the next six months. I've only had to be on half salary for one month and then returned to work on shorter hours. I go back to full time hours at the beginning of June.

I realise there may come a time when I physically can't work any more, but hopefully not for a long time yet. Apart from the obvious financial reasons I want to work as I really enjoy it! If/when the time comes that I have to leave I shall just have to bite the bullet and rearrange my life. Thousands of other people have to do it when they become ill!



Feeling a good bit better now that I'm in bed - went to bed about 7.30pm :) :)

Will try to turn the light off and get to sleep early tonight.

Hey when I was off work I had to have an afternoon nap fairly regularly - you go for it! We need to listen to what our body is telling us!


HI Anne

Yes to better weather being No different to us lot, We all suffer from the cold , windy stuff and when we get Good its still the same ( Sorry but its just that way).

We can't win, we just need to make the best of it



I used to love the sun and the heat but now i find its as bad if not worse than the cold winter weather. Either way we end up stuck indoors, we're typically British never happy with whatever weather we have :-(. Then there must be all those poor people who have lung conditions and Hay Fever at this time of year.



Hello Anne, and all.

Very hot here too.

Debating with myself similar things that you brought up.

Here it is very hot today, again, was 23 downstairs which is the coolest place in the house and upstairs it's hotter.

What helped me was finding out and understanding what it is that can potentially cause trouble or make me feel uncomfortable.

The body shivers when cold in order to try to warm up.

When the weather is hot tiny blood vessels close to the skin open up allowing the blood to transport internal heat away from the muscles, water in the form of sweat is released and upon contact with the air dries up and cools you down. On very hot and humid days moisture in the air is too high so the sweat doesn't evaporate, the heart rate increases, pumping harder/faster to try to compensate and get the body temperature to a constant correct level. That affects breathing.


My neighbours think I'm strange as I shut all of my curtains all day long to keep the sun out (vampire? lol) , then on with the fans - heaven!


It really does show how different we all are, despite our condition. I was born in a heatwave so maybe I can tolerate heat better, as despite having a very low lung function I can tolerate the warm weather quite well. Give me wind and cold, and my lungs cease to work more or less though. I am though lucky as I now live in the high country in Wales, so it never gets as hot as say London or many other parts, and there is much less pollution. It maybe that where you live in hot weather has to a large extent a part in how you pull through it.


That's true DerryL. Funny coincidence, I too was born in a heatwave.

Another thing is, one country's type of heat differs from another.

In a country that is nearly always hot like Spain in the south, the heat may be more comfortable than that of a northern country, it has to do with humidity and so on I think.

I was on Crete 2 years ago and it wasn't awful, the worst thing is the actual getting here, with the waiting at airports, etc.

I get used to hat too, only, the drastic change is something I don't like, it was freezing here a few days ago, well, I mean pretty cold, and now it is baking, feel a bit like a blanched runner bean.


I find 'hot and humid' is the worst - dry heat with a breeze isn't so bad.


Loved your 'about me' T'John. Like you I come from Ealing. I too have the same thoughts on friends and smoking. Although it does seem nowadays that far less smoke now than even a few years ago. I am sure you are spot on with humidity. Where I am now we do not get a lot of humidity, even when it gets quite hot. Very little pollution either. But in London of course, smog of the ozone variety is rife on hot days. Just go to shooters hill and look towards the city, it is like a cloud. With humidity also being higher. Anyone with copd would do well to get out the city:-)


Oops, always do a spelling check

However, some words where you didn't press down hard enough and miss a letter but where a real word is still left over, don't get highlighted, so this in my previous post above:

I get used to hat too

was supposed to read

I get used to that

Excuse me


Hi Parvati,

Yes, I'm beginning to think it's the humidity that isn't comfortable


Hi DerryL,

Thank you Derry

Hey, another big coincidence, that you are from the Ealing areas as well, on looking at the locations things, I didn't see anyone from my area and felt lonely, so that's nice to know!

Right, the smog yes, awful, other negatives is car fumes, but I mean as vehicles pass you, I hold my breath for as long as I can when there is a bad one, like a lorry or just as bad, mopeds, I mean those blimming things are like weapons, just not normal, I think they really ought to be banned, as the fumes they release are as bad as those emitted by lorries, and they get deep into the lungs, as do diesel fumes.

Really would like to move from where I am right now, however, presently am not in London, am grateful for that as wouldn't be okay for me, although that does depend a bit on exactly where it is that you are within it.

If I manage to still hold onto any cash, after paying back-tax, I think I might visit my great grandparent's village of Aberhafesp in Powys.

Went to a cafe last night... had to get out of the house, I have played guitar there sometimes and Tuesday is the open podium night, but they have a side room meant specially for the smokers, the double doors always completely open, man, I took a peep in there yesterday when empty as I had avoided it like the plague. Centre of it starred a big aluminum tripod ashtray looking thing, filthy obviously but I could smell the smoke all over the place outide that room and wondered if it was such a good idea after all going to the pub/cafe, as that is pure smog-filled air too.


I ended up not playing as I arrived there quite late. What I sing is pop songs, but mainly blues, which isn't too hard when you actually do have them, and some old jazz standards, I can play a trifle of Baroque but not a lot of singing in that, unless you like stuff such as:

Away from Love's Sickness I Attempt to Fly.

Think that was Handel, he formed a band with Hinge & Bracket called The Doors.

Something like that anyhow


Hey Anne,

I'm not certain but I suspect a dry cough may be the result of air that is too dry such as that generated by centrally heated radiators that do not have those little water troughs on them or may have but are not kept filled up. Radiators really dry up all the air.

As someone recently mentioned here, a good way of creating a good indoor environment is by placing plenty of plants. After all, they also release oxygen and absorb poisons turning them into harmless substances that are food for the plant

Here's a great link all about beneficial plants


Also find out what chemicals are being used to clean your office of an evening/morning.


Interesting - I don't have a lot of indoor plants nowadays as I have large south facing windows and it gets too much for them, so I have cacti - all of which are currently in flower :)

One of my first plants in my 'COPD friendly' home makeover was a large 'Mother in Law's Tongue' specifically for my bedroom as they give out oxygen at night, and clear C02 from the air. I have only recently come across this site as I want one or two architectural plants for the lounge - and am looking for a way to make my concentrator less conspicuous :)



Hi Parvati, and all,

Likewise, found this very interesting too, even though I knew it, well, when I read some o the link I dug up to show what I meant I realised I ought to get more plants, but they'll have to be littler ones, I have two big-uns downstairs and I spent half an hour trying to position them yesterday as I felt it was too dark to have them in the middle of the room as they'd done really well up front by the window which then acts as a friendly type of net curtain-effect.

Will look into the ones named in that link as being richest in oxygen as that is obviously very valuable.

It's like feeding the pets though taking care of plants, low maintenance ones would be my preference, I do love plants and growing them, even from cuttings.

Clearing the air from CO2 was one of the poisons I meant too, that is just as valuable as putting oxygen in.


So bad that they are still allowed a smoking room in a cafe even if i smell smoke outside when people come out to smoke it is bad inside will be much worse. Should keep away from smoke if you are still singing


Yes, don't think I'm going to go there any more, it's just too nasty when you're ill with your lungs to then deal with anything remotely to do with smokers.

Like yesterday, there were a number of pretty young women there who I noticed kept on getting up to go outside, obviously to smoke, and I always think with young people, god if you only knew the damage you are doing to yourself and how you could wind up, you'd stop.

I agree, entrances are some of the worst places these days to be downwind of, or even without any wind, just getting into the store mans going through smoke which I now passionately dislike with lashings of vehemence


Whatever, whether good or bad, the never ever ending weather forecast update

Was shocked to see, sky has turned rain-promise oil paint grey.

Always does whether weather has no gradual build up but goes directly from shall I put on a jumper cold to summer clothing oven-on hot!

PS: All you boppers, I hope someone gets my sense of humour!.. and my silly little word games, I mean those words like whether and weather things like that could be turned into exam trip-you-up tricks.


Rain presently gearing up, sounds like egg cup sized blobs.

Should cool down a bit which I'm in favour of right now, as wanted to clean the house.

Update, didn't rain long or as heavy as I thought it would and didn't cool down, just saw a tribe from the Sahara Desert on their way back to Africa as it will be cooler there they said... don't know whether to believe them, anyone any ideas about that?


Hi TJohn,

Unfortunately I've had the dry cough for fifteen months. I've got pulmonary oedema and the dry cough comes with it. How nice of it. I do take medication for it, but it doesn't always remove it completely!

I'm still undergoing tests (next one is to be a VATS biopsy) but I've been told that my problem is likely to be a restrictive lung disease, rather than obstructive, based on previous tests. So, not COPD.

However, you're right about chemicals, particularly aerosol sprays - they definitely can exacerbate my symptoms. As do strong scents etc. I must look into that.

I'll also need to look into getting humidifiers for when the heating does need to go back on. Since I live in Scotland that will probably be next week!! lol


I too have to keep my bedroom and living room curtains and blinds closed all the time as the front of the house is south-facing. I've often felt like a vampire too :)

Oh well, things could be worse!


Hello Anne,

Oh, excuse me, didn't know.

The things mentioned though are bound to be thins to try to get right in order not to make things any worse than they already are.

Heck it is hot here now, I just got back from the supermarket which I don't find so deserving of the name super, but was lovely and chilled in there,it is so hot in my house,upstairs here where I have my computery stuff, I reckon I could fry an egg on the floor if I were to open the curtains, on going downstairs today I immediately felt the cooler air, I am about to shift my computers downstairs as it is now a bit too much up here, I have a little job in, that I need to get finished by tomorrow afternoon, so going to try and get started, it's an employment contract, I've been doing them for a while but that legal-speak does'nt seem like plain English, no, in fact to the best of us it would sound like something out of 1503 sometimes.

That bit I don't get, why they have to keep things that way, an ordinary person, even one with a high level of education would have a hard time getting what the hell they are on about, when you first start reading something like it, you would just give up after a few minutes as it isn't nice language, but when you have to understand it, then it does start to make sense, I would never have read such a document through if it hadn't become part of my work.

It's like it's made that way to keep lawyers in work, no wonder in general that people find it hard to follow legal proceedings, to do so you basically have to turn into a lawyer too.

There's plenty going on in Britain as a result of politics that affects people's health and I don't like the smell of it, in fact I gave them a slagging off yesterday o the government site, asking why it is when they asked is this helpful that they don't make it clear how it is that they imagine politicians who know nothing about medicine can make changes to so many things.

people struggling with the hat in times when it is not even like now, heatwave-like, should be entitled to an extractor over their stoves, it's logical rthat people with lung conditions NEED this, at the very least.

So in thinking in legal terms, I started thinking something needs to be done to fight to put a few things right, as civil rights acts state that every human has the right to life, to privacy and a whole lot of other conditions so that life is livable, if you cannot even cook because of the fumes then my idea is that it is then in your case a human right to get money from the government to pay for a thing you do need.


Been so hot here, as I happened to be in a bad sleeping pattern with a few things on my mind, I stayed out of the sun, I'll be glad actually if it cools down a bit, the type of heat where I am is not comfortable, thank god I have a downstairs floor where it is pretty cool as upstairs was like a bakery.

What is so disturbing id the change from real cold to baking hot, not good, no graduality at all.


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