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Chair's Networking Day

Tomorrow promises to be a great day in the office for the London & South East team as we’re holding a chair’s networking day. We have invited Breathe Easy chairs from across the region to come and join us and other staff at head office.

They will hear all about the new brand as well as getting updates on our asbestos awareness and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea campaigns. They will also get the opportunity to talk to Lucy (Policy and Parliamentary Manager) and Malcolm (Policy Officer) about what matters to their members.

It promises to be a really fun day as our more established chairs get to share their stories and expertise with newer ones - some of the chairs that will be coming have only been in the job for a month! It’ll also be really great for us at head office to get some feedback on what else we can do to provide support for the groups.

The lunch should be really nice too!

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