Does anyone else have the same problem as I have? I no sooner recover from one infection and have barely a week before my next one is waiting to pounce :-(. I dont know if I'm doing something wrong. I'm meticulous with personal hygiene and have the hand gels all over the house, I carry one in my handbag when i go out. It seems everytime I have a hospital appointment it follows with a chest infection. Its May and already I have had pleurisy and 3 chest infections. I know my medication has virually killed off my immune system but I was just wondering if anyone has any advice as to what more I can do to avoid the infections.


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I wish i could ask people to stay away from me when they have coughs and colds,I can't do it but I know I should, I'm sitting worrying about going to bed because i know its going to be another sleepless night :-(.


Oh Maureen I am so sorry you are experiencing so many infections. I don't suffer in this way but I can appreciate how difficult this is for you. Its difficult sometimes avoiding people who may be infected with colds annd flu, its ironic that hospital and doc waiting rooms are not such a good place for us.

There are several things I do for myself, which I find help me. These are my own personal self help aids that I use.

I carry with me and use a throat spray when going into at risk places, like supermarket and doc surgeries etc, the throat sprays I use are, bee propolis and echinacea, the idea is that they kill any bacteria in the back of the throat. I use this immediately if someone coughs or sneezes, in the winter months I often use it before going into high risk places. You can also buy echinacea throat lozenges. I get these from the health food shop but I think you can get in Boots chemist too.

Another thing I use is the listerine total mouth wash and gargle, I use this when I have been in contact with coughs and sneezes etc. The first signs of a cold or sore throat I use this 3 times daily along with echinacea drops, or sambucol.

I try to eat with my meals each day is garlic, green root ginger and chilli. I believe these three food enhancers along with fresh herbs such as thyme, rosemary and peppermint, all help the respiratory and immune system.

Garlic is a natural anti-biotic too so even though it cannot work in the same way to treat a chest infection as prescribed anti biotics do, I believe eating garlic daily can help build the immune system to help prevent infection. Of course the recommended healthy eating, protein, fresh fruit and vegetables every day etc, diet plays an important part in our health and the bodies ability to help fight infectionn.

I am so sorry the medicines have damaged your immune system Maureen, I think this is why its so important we are aware of the foods that can help replenish some of the damage the medicines may cause.

I am wishihng that the infections become less frequent for you.

Take good care


Thank-you for your very comprehensive reply and how very interesting. We eat lots of fresh garlic because my husband grows it plus a host of other vegetables in his allotment. I Drink lemon and ginger tea but i find chillies a bit unkind on my stomach. Thank you once again and I'm going to try your suggestion about the throat spray. I blame the prednisolone and immunosupressant for my troubles.


My greatest risk are my grandchildren especially now they are at school though it is something that I would not change they are little rays of sunshine that can lift my mood so much

We babysit our 18month old grandson twice a week after we pick him up from nursery, he has had one cold after another but he's building up his immune system. There's no way we can't have him nor would i want him to stay away. I'll just have to hope his ability to fight off colds comes soon.

Hi I posted a blog on here a while ago if you want to have a read Val

? copyand paste.

Thank-you Val very interesting


I notice not one person here mentioned taking a multivitamin and 5,000 iu of Vitamin D3 every day. I have been doing this for three years now plus several other supplements and have not had a single cold. Vitamin D3 is the best thing you can take to prevent colds and lung infections. Here's a link to information:

copdiving, very interesting but I asked my consultant about vitamins as I have always been a believer and he told me I could if I wanted but they really would not do me any good. I have bronchiectasis. I invested in plants as I am allergic to many things and wanted plants which clean the air. I have not looked back. I am not cured but I feel a great deal better and even my husband has noticed the difference in the air quality.

Take care Maximonkey

Hi Maureen, I too have suffered from recurring infections for the past 2.5yrs. I have had pneumonia 3 or 4 times and pluerisy 2, in March I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, tests over the 2 yrs had revealed I have e-coli in my lungs. This is all new me, I have just started on a regime of once an infection shows itself I take a sputum test to the doc, who then gives me antibiotics. I await the results. On Friday I was told the e-coli is definitely in my lungs and I am being put on a course of Clarithromycin 500mg for two weeks whilst they sort out intravinus drugs. My asthma nurse has also suggested to my consultant I try a neb with saline - they cannot guarantee anything, but I will try anything. I have tried staying away from everyone in the family who may or may not be carrying bugs, it does not work and I only get depressed. I try to keep life as normal as possible and if I feel depressed I either get outside or if not poss phone someone who will preferably make me laugh. Good luck M, ask questions and do not be put off. keep. well. Maximonkey

Hi Maureen, I also have frequent chest infections . However my Consultant prescribed

me a 3 week course of Doxycycine instead of the usual 7 days supply.

This tends to keep the infections away for around 4 months. or the other suggestion is to have a low dose antibotic daily. I can appreciate many people are uncomfortable with this.I have been told this can be successful.

Hi Maureen,

I've also suffered from frequent infections in the last nine months or so. I seem to get two or three weeks between them. Hopefully once I get a diagnosis I will get on top of them.

Hi Maureen, how are you doing now? Thinking of you and hope things are beginning to get better for you.


Still feeling grotty Zoe but my Echinacea spray came this morning so I'll be giving it a try soon. I rang the RVI in Newcastle this morning to see if its ok to go in tomorrow, I'm due to have my first cataract op in the morning and I'm worried about coughing. They told me to go in and it should be ok. Keep your fingers crossed for me. My husband and daughter both have a chest infections so I'm surrounded by infection.


Oh Maureen I am sorry I did not see this earlier. I hope your op went ok and sending thoughts with fingers crossed you will be feeling better real soon, even with infections arounds you. Wishing you easy breathing and quick recovery from the cateract op.

Post when you can to let us know how you are.


Hi Zoe

I'd forgotten how beautiful colours are. Its like the world has suddenly gone HD, mind you there was one shock when I looked in the mirror this morning and it was on the magnified side...all those wrinkles!!! Ihave enough to share around an old folks home. I didnt look so bad when i turned it back on to the normal side :-). Thank-you for caring.

Maureen X

That is just great Maureen, I am so pleased for you :) :) :)

To have HD viewing makes things so much more spectacular :)

As for the wrinkles always be sure to look through into the non magnifying mirror :D its so much more beautifying :)

Happy Day Maureen

Zoe x

If the weather is damp or cold I breathe through a scarf when outside; I do the same on public transport and it does seem to keep the attacks of inflammation in my lungs at bay. I wear one of those circular scarves that are sold in cycle shops. Strangely, things are worse when a weather front comes over as if the change in air pressure has a bad effect.

Hi Maureen, I have had the same problem as you,one infection afer another..then after a spell in hospital my haematology consultant decided to try me on Infusions of Privgen.

It is antibodies,taken from donated blood and manufactured in laboratories.I had my first lot in September,then every four weeks .

Ok till ten days ago ,sore throat so penicillin, but not nearly as poorley as previously.

So it has been a big help to my rubbish immune system.

CLL diagnosed June 2012 Chemo finished in the December. Look up Privigen on net.


Hi Maureen, my name is Teresa I'm from the US. I have lung infections all the time. Bronchitis. I have COPD. Chronic

Bronchitis with emphysema. I have smoked for around 4o years and unfortunately still do. The medication I was prescribed was Levfloxacin.

It's the only medication that works for me. I'm 57 and my life seems to revolve around going to the doctor and having lung infections. I've also had pleurisy it feels like you can't ever take a deep breath..

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