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Hello all. About my COPD

A year ago it was found I had angina. Also it showed up that I had a heart attack but was minor so I didn't even know when it happened. I had a stent put in. As I don't drink alcohol, am reasonably slim and my cholesterol reading at the time was about 5.6 I put the angina down to smoking and immediately gave up after smoking rollups for about 40 years.

My breathing was ok for about four weeks then one day I walked outside and got breathless after walking about 100 yards.I only used to get puffed out when I smoked. I had the tests at my doctors and he told me I had COPD and it was 43%. Apparently stage 3.

I don't understand why it came on all off a sudden when it says on the web it creeps up slowly.

I have a flowmeter which is usually around the 200 mark, except down the south coast it goes up to about 240. I also have a finger pulse/oximeter I bought. Heartrate averages about 98 and sats range from 74 ( after walking too long ) to 94 ( at rest ). I have had no instruction about exercise. I work part time on a small car ferry for about 4 hours per shift. There is some walking involved but plenty of time to rest in between.

I also still cough. Two types. One is a quick " cough, cough " which brings up a small amount of light green sputum. The other is a tickly cough which lasts for a few minutes until the cause is cleared.

I find it really frustrating not being able to walk too far.

I have a 24hr inhaler. Capsule with powder inside. Tiotropium. A 12 hr one, Formoterol Easyhaler and Salamol for when I need it. To be honest, none of these seem to make any difference but maybe that's just my imagination.

Any comments gratefully appreciated.

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As Stitch has said, it is important to take control of your condition, well done for giving up smoking.

The next step is to ensure that you get infection treated as soon as possible, if your sputum is green it could be signs of infection needing treatment. . Please get your chest checked out incase you need antibiotics.

You need to ask your GP to refer you for pulmonary rehab, which will help you to understand your condition & give you individually tailored exercise program.

Best wishes

Jo :-)


As soon as you feel a cold coming on do this: Take 2,000 mg of VitaminC and then wait an hour and take it again. Continue taking 1,00mg each hour until the symptoms pass. I;ve never had to take it more than 3 hours. Taking Vitamin D each day will boost youe immune system. I have had COPD for 7 years and on oxygen for six of them. MY lung function is about 21% yet I haven't had a cold in almost 3 years because I use this method. It will only work if you start taking the Vit C within an hour after the first sign of cold symptoms.


wow. My auntie took 1000mg Vic C every day for life after a bout of pneumonia - never had another cold. I didn't realise you could take as much as 2000mg though. great tip. Thanks.


Thank you all for your input. I will ask my doctor about rehab as, at the moment, I try to cope with it myself. I can't remember the last time I had a cold as I've always worked outside in all sorts of weather. I have told my doctor about the coughing and sputum but he just asks whether there is blood in it. I say " no " and he says " that's ok " and leaves it at that. I will make sure I have vitamins handy too. I don't know if it's the right thing to do but when I'm walking and get breathless I push myself to keep walking for a bit longer. Some days I can't walk very far, maybe 100 yards or so before I have to stop and get my breath back again and other days I can walk 1/4 mile or more with just a couple of stops of 10 to 15 seconds.

They are always going on about smoking can give you lung cancer but I think people should be made aware of COPD. I didn't even know about it until I was told I had it.


are you on antibiotics at the moment. Maybe worth having asputum test....I think if sputum is green then it's an infection.


I'm not on antibiotics. I will take your advice and see my doctor during the week. I take soluble aspirin ( to thin the blood a bit ) and Lansoprazole ( to stop the aspirin damaging the gut ).Simvastatin for lowering cholesterol. Ramipril for high blood pressure, not that it gets to high anyway and isosorbide mononitrate to prevent angina attacks, not that I've had one since I first went into hospital in April 2011 for the chest pains. The stent cured that.


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