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hello about me

hello my name is sue i suffer with copd moderate stage , i find things a struggle at times . i feel isolated when not well so it would be nice to have people who understand to talk to . i am a happy outgoing person who loves to spend time with my grandchildren . . i help in save the children charity shop and enjoy it very much . more on me later ...

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Hi Sazzysue and welcome to the forum. I too have moderate COPD and can say that hearing from others in a similar situation is a big plus in dealing with it. Even those closest to us don't always realise what it's like. Look forward to hearing more about you soon.


Hi Carrieme . thank you for post reply . many days are difficult find 1 good 3 bad , get depression as well due to illness i am told , Do you have many other probs ? how do you keep active ? i am going to slimming club at the moment to try lose a few stone lol . sue x


hi Stitch , it has been over 4 years now , had asthma for 30 yrs . started when i worked in factory . x


Hi Sue,

Welcome to the group, I have severe COPD & am on oxygen. I try to remain active & do regular exercise. It is good that you are able to enjoy helping in the charity shop & spending time with your grandchildren.

Yes it can be very isolating at times particularly on bad days, as family & friends do not fully understand.

Best wishes

Jo :-)


hi jojam . yes although i am not always able to help at least i still manage to keep active when illness allows . I seem to get 1 good day 3 bad is this the norm . today i am having a sofa day lol ..


Welcome Sue

You've come to the right place Sue, good to see you here.

Hi CarrieMe, Stitch and Jo

Wishing all an easing breathing weekend.



thank you Zoe . same too you xx


Hi there Sue,

Feel similar to you, am truly isolated at present.

Biggest problem is having others who do not understand, even family do not, and I find them expecting too much from me.

I'm a father and grandfather and I love my grandson and daughter, do everything I can for them but I feel as though I'm not free to do what I need in order to survive. Hopefully I can change my course this year as if I move away and cannot see my grandson I'd go nuts.

Daughter communicates badly with me though, I get sick and tired of gadgets, like sending text messages, I think why is it we are doing this when we could also pick up the phone, you are at home and so am I, is what I then think.

In this way, I feel as though I am on call-out duty, ready to go help when needed but not being told about much else, so it makes me feel even worse as I am not in my ho me country and speak a foreign language every day, of course, how else could it be when in a foreign country but I guess I long for things from home, like just being able to converse in English again.

I too am looking for friends

Stay well


hi john , sounds as though you my suffer depression as i do . try talking to your daughter explain ,if you find this difficult give her a couple of booklets available from this site . I also find it difficult . and yes the younger generation txt instead of chat as phone deals give unlimited txt and few talk time mins . i would not leave england as it is home , and my family do help luckily soon sue .


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