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Fellow Asthma sufferers - Swollened a pig?!

Do any of you who suffer with massive bloated feelings after having the steroid munchies have a solution to this problem? Could tell me how you deal with thisr! Do you try to stick to a diet that helps (not easy whilst on high dose steroids)? or take some form of medication? Reluctant to take anything else, but can't cope with the feeling that I have swollowed a pig, or am 8 months pregnant! I woulrd be very grateful for your help. Thanks

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Yes, David, unfortunately I do. Usually I'm on a maintenance dose of 20mg daily, which is fine, at the moment I'm on 40 mg daily. This is causing serious appetitite problems - I can't stop eating, leading to this massive bloated feeling and swollen tummy!


Another loop where more weight makes harder breathing along with depression no easy answers only understanding of your feelings


Wish I had the answer I have been battling this one for twenty years at least. Though I do find once I get to my normal dose of 20mg not so bad. The munchies are a bugger, perhaps little and often as opposed to massive blow outs. Do you have any food intolerances that might be causing these bloating issues, I am noticing as I get older that certain food stuffs no longer sit well with me. Just a thought!


So true Crisps - and another reason it is so annoying when people naively believe that asthma is only 'short of breath'. Like many other illnesses, where symptoms themselves are bad enough to live with, one also has to live with the side effects of medication!

Daxiemad - yes, I agree with this and know (hope) that once I get down to maintenance dose I will stop eating everything in my path causing the feeling that I may pop at any minute. Nothing in particular that makes it worse, although I did have a salad (haha, I love salad - no really, I do,), which definitely made things a lot worse. I going to try to break the loop (Crisps) and make a real effort today to only eat my usual 3 meals and two healthily snacks - see if I can get myself back to normal. Wish me luck and thanks for sharing your thoughts xx


Oh How nice it is to hear other people have trouble with the "demon food cupboard", I am constantly battling the cupboard door. The only thing I've found that sort of helps is to have a glass of water before I open the cupboard door. This means I have less space for food, and also have to spend more time in the bathroom, which is less time in the kitchen!!

Seriously though, self-control and nagging parents/friends are best.

But don't get too obsessed - breathing hard requires a little more than average food intake.


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