British Lung Foundation


The emotional side of me is related to my condition it is essential to come to terms with

the repercussions of having been a nicotene addict

the tension between the focus on Long Term Conditions to the almost total absence of debate/action on Disability – specifically a social model approach to either disability or to supporting people with Long Term Conditions

The impact between the ageing society and LTC – Challenging Age Discrimination including supporting people with more than one condition.

The fact that the LTC agenda has generally narrowly focussed o a few conditions (Diabetes, COPD, Coronary Heart Disease) and not looked at major areas such as Neurological Conditions (Whatever happened to the NSF for LTC?!!) and Dementia and of course no discussion re sensory impairment

The importance of Integration between ASC and NHS to deliver support for people with LTC

The importance and value of the Third Sector, including particularly User Led Organisations, in supporting people with LTC’s

The links between the LTC agenda and ‘Think Local Act Personal’ – Including developing Social Capital/Building Community Capacity

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Not sure that we ever stop being addicts snatch another thing to learn to live with as part of the condition affecting more than our lungs but heart as well as mind


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