Me So Far

Me So Far

I was diagnosed in Dec 20111 with COPD/Emphysema My lung function was 42%.In January of this year my Employers finished me at work(Unable to carry on my duties due to heavy lifting and dust hazards) I am currently receiving ESA I did try to claim DLA but was knocked back .I do intend to reclaim and have the forms to do so.Because I am at home all day I have become depressed and am on medication for this.

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  • Yes do try for DLA again, I used to work full time doing community carer 40 hrs plus a week now do 20 hrs in the office! That is when I don't have an infection have been off loads with them. Val

  • Thanks for that Val I will re-apply asap

  • Cheers Stitch I will go to CAB and get them to fill forms then

  • Hello Carl,

    I'm sorry to hear that, and the diagnosis was recent, so I can imagine what is going through your head trying to come to terms with it and learn how to deal as best you can with it.

    From what I'm hearing, this incapacity benefit or DLA is pretty gruesome, like, they are ridiculously strict with it, and it seems you have to show up in a coffin on wheels to even be considered.

    Is it right to think that your case was related to work, like dust, seeing as you mentioned dust?

    Or is it the result of smoking, primarily?

  • I have to be honest smoking is the cause of my COPD and I can honestly say ive not smoked sinceNovember last year.What really gets up my back over DLA I know people who have got it and are far more mobile than what I am.Anyway I will get help in filling the forms in.

  • Hi Carl

    I am wishing you every success with your new claim for DLA.

  • Thanks Zoee Was you successful if I may ask

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