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Puffy old me!

Well, I have to say that I have really enjoyed my time at the computer today - this place seems to be 'buzzing' and I also have spent time elsewhere reading and cussing about a possible further £25bn benefit cuts in today's news. Result - too much time on my bottom at computer = badly swollen feet and ankles :( I should have known better, I have done it so many times before! So bye for now and I will try to keep my computer time down to a couple of short bursts a day in future. I may even not switch it on at all for the next 24 hours if I can find the willpower ... hmm ..pigs might fly! lol Parvati

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Hi Parvatit,

It is good to rad this, well not really good in that it is'nt exactly pleasant to have but I mean I too have this and wondered if I was imagining things, reading you saying how you must watch out for sitting down at the computer for too long helps me to realise what I'm doing to myself when I allow computer internet addiction to take over my life.

I mean even small kids are addicted.

I read about one family, the mother saying we all went off on holiday but finally saw how it was really a problem with our 11-year old, who stayed in his room all the time while we all got brown and he came back still all pale as a non-brown ale.

That's when they did something about it.


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