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Cross gov't strategy for LTC'S

The DoH is asking for the views of people with Long Term Conditions (LTC's). It applies to all aspects of care - from health to housing, transport issues, End of Life care, rehab, anything and everything that might positively or negatively affect the lives of those with an LTC. Have a read around the site and if so inclined then 'have your say'.

For me, any opportunity to mention COPD at all is most welcome. I feel we do not have much of a voice compared to other LTC's - Diabetes, Heart Disease, Asthma, HIV, the cancers etc. We are hugely under funded and under represented. Remember, every 20 minutes someone dies of COPD - that's 3 people every hour of every day in England and Wales alone. Annual COPD deaths across the European Community are equivalent to three Hiroshima atom bombs, and the UK's copd mortality figures are worse than those of countries like France, Spain etc. (ERS COPD Audit).

Whatever LTC issues you or someone you care for may have, this is the place to air them:

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I should think not, 'David Millar'. We have enough to contend with as it is. The above post and link are for if anyone wants to express an opinion on future health and social care. There is no compulsion and no 'war' :)


Thanks for bringing it to our attention, just have had a brief look, would love to write on it, but it would turn into an essay. I also suspect if I spoke all that I felt it would never get posted because it would be so honest.


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