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Walk in the park

Do you find it useful to have a walk or route around the area which you try to do regularly to gauge your condition.

We have a local park which has benches next to the path it is mostly flat at good times there is no need to sit on each bench though on the worse days they are all welcome stops.

Need to know some of this as not always taking on what the doctors tell me but this is something that I can feel and know myself

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Hi Wabbit,

I think if we all had a facility like that close by and used it regularly it would probably do just as much good, if not more, than PR exercises. I have a roadside bench by a bus stop at the halfway point of my walk. After that if I tire, I just have to stand still for a few minutes, often bent forward with hands on knees.

I would love it if the gov't or local councils would put loads more of those adult playgrounds up, enough for everyone in a town or city to have one close by. They look great fun and would help with various long term conditions as well as obesity. Much more fun than an indoor Gym and we could make friends and chat to people too! If I won the lottery I would pay for the council to place them all around my town and I would go out 'to play' each sunny day :)

Enjoy those strolls in the park Wabbit - a bunny needs to see the green grass and trees now and then :)


Nice to have a stroll but not regular as another chore,that sort of spoils things


Not too many benches in my part of the country. I find the stiles useful for a breather, or just hang over a gate and admire the view!


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