Here comes the sun :)

How lovely to see sunshine and blue skies. I hope everyone here has the same lovely weather! Even for those of us with nothing special to do or the energy to do it, it makes such a difference. I have boring housework , but with some sunshine music in the background and windows open it will be so much more pleasurable. What is everyone else up to? Do have a lovely weekend, Parvati :)

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  • Morning Pavati - lovely sunny day here too - what I difference a little sunshine can make! Leave the housework - it will be there when it's raining again, you can do it then!! I'm intending to plant some seeds I bought a couple of weeks ago - maybe get a bit of a tan at the same time. Have a good day whatever you do :o) Toni

  • Yes, I think perhaps you are right Toni. Today is a day when all women should down tools, throw their "Marigolds" in the air and go feel the grass beneath their feet (or sand between toes). My neighbours might wonder what exactly I am inhaling (shared garden area) but the upside of wearing a cannula is that I seem to be allowed a little madness with it. What would cause raised eyebrows under different circumstances elicits a smile and comments like 'isn't she a trooper' etc for me. And yes, I do take advantage of that heh heh! we suffer enough - why not milk it for all its worth! (naughty but human :) ) Parvati

  • When I woke up it was a bit of a shock to have sun after all the rain we have had did not feel the urge to go bare foot in the fields showing my age noooo haha

  • Sunshine is the best medicine I know of :) and should be available on prescription to be taken as necessary :)

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