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What do you think of it so far?

Hi everyone

So what do you think of the new web community? 7 days in and there's already quite a lot of discussion going on. But is it what you expected? Is it what you are looking for? Is it what you need? Is it proviidng the support you want?

Are there any particular issues/subjects you would like to see? Is there anything you'd like to hear from the BLF team about?

Let me know what your thoughts are - it would be great to hear what you think.

Have a great weekend


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Could just be me , but i find it harder to read and sort out !

I have lots of questions i want to ask but am far to confused in my head to know where to start. :-(

Nice and colourful. I was disappointed about the 'Blog' facility. It tempted me to join because I thought we could do our own blogs in here (like most ladies, I always have plenty to talk about :) ) but the 'blog' is really just what other forums call a thread. Perhaps you are all very lucky to have been spared my endless machinations though....Parvati

Morecambe & Wise ?

I agree the old forum was easier to follow & use as when a post was made it sent the thread to the top again so it was easy to see when someone had made a recent coment even if the thread had not been commented on for a while. I agree with Parvati, the 'blogs, are more like threads but not so easy to follow as on the old forum which had the following filters.

All Recent | Unanswered | Unread | Your Discussions Start new thread

May be it could be looked into and similar applyed here.

Some really interesting 'Blogs' questions & discussions though.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Well funily enough I like the site but know very little about computers so have no suggestions in that respect.I do know that it is easy for me to access info and as a beginner on the computer front it suits me fine.If it was complex I would have given up.So please bear in mind the new computer enthusiasts as the sites develop.'Threads' sound like something off a sewing site.Keep it simple please

I agree with Hecter, its good for those of us who know very little about computers. I think I would give up if it was more complex but I suppose we are in the minority.

I really like the new site. I like the "look and feel" of it and the fact that posts appear immediately instead of the next day - or even two days later if it's submitted at the weekend. The forum also seems much busier, possibly because of this.

My only negative thought, so far, would be (as previous posters have said) that it doesn't have the facility to track unread/new posts.That would be really helpful as it can be a bit of a pain trawling through posts just in case you haven't read all the replies!

Keep up the good work :)

I too would like to have the facility to track unread/new posts so tend to spend time reading things again and again. I would also like to have a link back up to the top of the page instead of having to scroll up.

Stupidly, as I know nothing about websites, I rather thought this new forum would be part of the main BLF site as previously and this feels "off site" as it were. I'd also like to see BLF helpline number and "balloon" at the top of the page - again as previously.

Think I am sounding like an old fogey but there's no edit facility that I can see and no Smileys!!!



I don't know if you know this, but if you type a colon followed by a right bracket you should get a smiley. Would like to find out how to get other Expressions too though! :)

:( just trying an unhappy face (colon left bracket)

Sorry for going off topic there!

Think blogsite is great, seems better populated too.... perhaps because it's easy to use there are more comments.

If it's a difficult proposition to have a button alerting BLF staff if expert comment is needed, we can all do something coded, eg write in block capitals that are easy for BLF to spot and reply to and BLF reply as a new subject to ensure everyone is alerted. This way we'll all learn more.

I love the sharing of info / weblinks etc....have learned such a lot in a week !!!

I am wishing you had an edit button as I keep having to do extra 'PS' post if I forget something lol. OOPS! I should say I wish the site had edit button - not you personally Mark :) Parvati

I actually prefer this site, to the old one, it was a little confusing to start with, but then all new things are if you are not sure how to work them. The posts are easy to follow as they are listed on the right hand side of the page, or by pressing Blogs at the top of the page. There seems to be a greater variety of subjects up for discussion or could be that the site is better laid out. I really like it and think a good job has been done. I like too, receiving the emails and then clicking on a link to access the site, altho, its a little annoying to have to sign in each time i return to the site, something i didnt have to do on old site. Also agree a button saying 'return to top' would be good, save having to scroll up the whole page.

Thanks Mark and team for all your efforts - think you have a hit - Auntymary

Quick tip - if you are using a keyboard, just press CONTROL and HOME. This should take you back to the top of the page. Similarly CONTROL and END will take you to the bottom of the page.

Love the site Mark.

Thanks for all you feedback.

But just to make something clear - I cannot take any credit for setting the community up - all down to the team at HealthUnlocked.

This site is certainly more active but it does take a long time to read it all. Learnt quite a lot so no complaints

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