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Hi everyone, I hope I find you all well

I`ve Been to see my physio today and have come away feeling a lot better than I did when I walked in. I haven`t been feeling too good over the past few days ( you know, the usual, a bit breathless and generally feeling under the weather) I explained all this to him including my symptoms, he listened, asked questions, listened to my chest, told me I did`nt need to take steroids (which I was worried about) and then demonstrated what I could do to make things easier. He gave me a few exercise to work on including breathing and the number of revolutions I should do and has told me to carry on walking.

I must admit that I was very very impressed with his positive attitude and helpful approach. I assured him that I shall continue to do the exercises daily and that I hoped that he will see some improvement the next time I see him.



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Sounds good positive advice, Good to know you dont need the steriods at the moment.. I have a lways found my physio to be a great source of help & support. Keep up the exercise Linda

Best wishes


That's so good to hear Linda, sounds like you have a great adviser in that physio and so pleased for you that you don't need to take the steroids.

Keep up the good work and thanks for communicating this positive news.

Tru x

Thats interesting my husband has been feeling under the weather this week and in that "no mans land" wondering if he should start steroids of not! Did your doctor refer to a respiratory physio? Thanks TAD xx

Hi Tadwa

Yes she did, and I must admit its brilliant I feel so much better having spoken to him about my concerns, he also said if there was a cancellation on the rehab course he would let me know. I think you should certainly ask your doctor for a referal. Let me know how you go on.

Regards Linda

Thanks Linda - he has been on the Pulmonary Rehab course, it was fantastic but referred through the specialist respiratory team - our doctors have all changed again! Might just ring the Practise Nurse she seems to know her stuff. Thanks. Take care. TAD xx

Thanks David I will

Regards Linda

Hi Linda,

I am still waiting to go onto a pr course,I've got no idea how long it takes to be contacted,but I've been waiting for 3 weeks now.ive started my own excercises at home,and feel much better for doing so.could you tell me what revolutions are please.many thanks

Great news, great result, great doc!

Hi Fantasy3,

Revolutions are the number of times you do a particular exercise ie;

small dumbbells. Bend arm from elbow to shoulder then straighten arm in air with dumbbell in hand repeat 10 times, rest, same activity with other arm.

wall press ups place both hands on wall lean into it as if your doing press ups repeat 5 times, rest, and repeat process 3 times

sit to stand 5 then rest repeat process 3 times

breathing from the abdomen 1 hand on chest the other hand on abdomen, breathe in trying to push abdomen out and not allowing chest to rise x 3 rest repeat process 5 times. Hope these instructions help. Let me know

Regards Linda

these are some of the exercises the nurse is doing with me untill i start at the pul reab course on the 14th november.i got a cancelation so have only waited 4wks. but told about 6wks am a bit nervous as have a bad knee so dont know if can do all the exercises. will.let you know..kath x

Take it steady, do what you can, do your best and stay positive

good luck, keep in touch


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