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Have had Asthma many years and have been able to keep a good control without too many "bad times" Two years ago was having alot of trouble through those winter months. I went to the Dr, who sent me for X rays, they came back. Oh youve COPD now, do this do that, bye bye. Being a stubborn one its only in the last 6 months that Ive managed to stop the smoking. Various visit to Asthma nurse through the year, who has always been a nasty bit of work to talk to, and others I know all have said the same, and like those I gave up on her. This morning I went to see if my Dr would send me to a PR course, OK ! I'll get " so and so to refure you. When I got in tonight a message on the phone from that wonderful A Nurse said. Hello its blah blah, Dr say's you want to go on a PR at such and such hospital. Well I dont think you qualify as you are not bad enough. Well thats the kind of crap some of us have to put up with. The week before I joined a new Breath Easy club a few miles away, they asked if we could spread the news, so I took a poster to my surgery, and NO they wont put it up. I really am feeling very angry at the moment that I care about my future health, by wanting to learn at a PR clinic, and my own Dr's wont put up a poster. I did ask the woman at reseption about the poster, all I got was I dont know nothing about it. Its to promote the BLF breath easy clubs for people with copd etc etc. I really have had enough.

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Hi Splinky,

Welcome here. It is annoying when a nurse says I don't think you qualify when your doc has ok'd it already. You need to learn as much as you can in managing your COPD and get the proper guidance on an exercise programme, the PR course is the best place to do that.

I personally wouldn't accept what the nurse said about you not qualifying, maybe you can get some input here from one of the BLF staff, or perhaps give them a call on the free phone number.

I have the same problem with my doc surgery and the breathe easy poster. The doc and respiratory nurse are all for it, its the receptionists that keep taking it down, even when the respiratory nurse has told them to leave it up permanently. By the way in answer to your receptionist, I would have retorted its to help support all people with breathing difficulties and their carers.

There are many things not right in the world, reminds of the old Serenity Prayer.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot

change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

It's not always easy when we are already feeling unwell to have to persist or insist on achieving the desired result.

It is important to have good health care and to be able to achieve the help and support we feel is so important. I can understand your anger.

I have my favourite video that I always find calms me and put things into perspective, its called Nature by Numbers wonderful visuals to the tune of Wim Mertens, Often a Bird. Your can view it on You Tube :

I hope when you read this you will be feeling calmer and happier Splinky.

All good wishes to you and here's hoping with each effort you make you will achieve the desired result.



Congratulations on stopping the smoking splinky, you did good achieving that.


Bless,such a heart felt reply thank you. In the early days, well at least a year, I was very confused with the whole subject. I took to the internet and found out various bits and bobs. In time I had spiro tests, but when I asked whats what ?, " oh things are not to bad at the moment" was the reply. " keep warm etc etc. ?. I have now been adviced to see another Doctor at our surgery, who is a bit more forward with lung patients. I was told to give up work because being a full time Gardener was not going to help me during the Winter months. I was given Incapacity, which has now been taken away and I'm told I am fit for full time emploment. Please believe me when I say I would love to be employed, if at the age of 58 with intollerence to cold and windy conditions, smells , the dreaded cold's and chest infections. I have suffered with depression most of my life on and off. I have appealed to the decision only because the papers came back to show the Dr who assesed me had put I was not fit for work, and some bod ! had taken his or her take on the decision to tell me : I can lift an empty cardboard box : I can use a pencil or pen and if need be a computer : I can lift one hand above my head: I can talk to strangers face to face, and this go's on. It did give me a good laugh though. I keep bleating onto people that I need to take care of myself, and I need some direction from the NHS, but I feel if people are just looking straight through me and saying " Shut up you winge". So at the moment the frustration is still in me, but once again thank you so much for just replying. Ian


Ian - the person who told you to stop work because of your intolerance to weather conditions, (assuming that person is a qualified medical professional, who understands the needs and care of people with a lung condition), that is the person to approach about writing you a medical report for the appeal against the decision (about you being fit for work).

We are more at risk to chest infections / pneumonia, and we are also told to avoid contact with people with colds and flu etc. If you haven't already done so, phone the BLF helpline for further advice on the benefits appeal.

My own GP wrote the medical report for the ESA assessment. Included in that report was that I was unfit for work, I have more than one medical condition going on as I am sure most have, and all of that was taken into account in the report. Its a difficult time and I do hope things work out in your favour.

Here's hoping the new doctor you have been advised to see, will be of much greater help to you.

Keep on trucking.



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