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I had a day off work today and went to a local Breathe Easy meeting. I really enjoyed it. We did some excercises which I found tiring, mainly because I'm unfit. I used muscles that I don't usually use and I realised how important it is to have correct posture. Problem is I'm a sloucher and used to it so I'm aching and uncomfortable just trying to keep the correct posture. Never the less I'll stick to it because I'll get used to it and I need to do it. As I work every Tuesday it'll probably be the only Breathe Easy meeting I get to for a while.

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Hi Wiggins - so glad you enjoyed your Breathe Easy meet. I'm thinking if possible to change your working hours so you can attend the BE meet more regularly.

Alternatively, your doc may know something else that takes place locally that you can attend, to help with exercise, breathing and maintaining posture. For instance you may be able to access the severe osteoporosis exercise group, that's more gentle exercise, also an Extend exercise group where you can do stand up and sit down exercises, catering for almost any level of fitness.

Wishing you success in all your efforts.



Call me Martyn, Tru, I had to use my surname because I couldn't join with my first name. Wiggins sounds like I'm at school again ha ha.


Good for you Martyn, keep up the good work.

Regards Linda


Hi Martyn, LOL were you getting flash backs :D

Will try to remember, Martyn is the name ;)

Tru x


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