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Oxygen in Germany

Afternoon everyone,

Well it's the time of year where here on the Helpline we get many calls from people wanting to go on holiday and enquiring how to get oxygen abroad, using an EHIC and claiming the cost back in UK. A great source of information is the NHS Choices website, where details of who to contact whilst in a particular country are available.

I recently dealt with an enquiry from someone wanting to travel to Germany who had hit a brick wall, as the NHS Choices website didn't have a contact in Germany. Their only option it would seem was to pay for oxygen privately.

I wonder if any of you have had any experience of accessing oxygen in Germany using an EHIC.

Your experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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I think i good option is to use a Portable Oxygen Concentrator with a battery that can be used on planes instead of paying private for oxygen , they are avaiable to buy on EBay for around the £300 mark and are approved for use , the battery last for up to 8 hours so flying to Germany would be fine , of course you would need to contact the airline and more than likely need a fit to fly certiticate from your doctor .

I have a POC and the battery only lasts for 2 hours at most. Hardly useful for getting to the airport, flying anywhere and travelling from the airport to where you're staying. I took mine to USA a few years ago before I was using O2 24/7. I used the airlines oxygen (no charge) we flew Virgin to Florida and I used the POC when in our apartment. I didnt use the oxygen whilst in the theme parks but I did hire a scooter which was waiting for me at the apartment when we arrived. Although my POC is in a list that the airlines accept for use on board they had no power point to plug it in :-( . I had to obtian a fit to fly certificate from the hospital for the airline before they would carry me.

Thank you gillwigan,

You're right this is definately a better option than paying privately, but ideally what we would like to be able to do if offer travellers the option of getting healthcare in Germany and claiming back any cost incurred using their EHIC.



I have just returned from holiday in the Orlando area of Florida. Before travelling I had a flight assement test and was ok to fly without oxygen, so I searched the internet to find a rental company. I did follow the advice of other people on this site and contacted a company that was quoting me $700 / 900

I checked the internet and finally found a company called Buckely. Their charge for the rental of an oxygen concentrator for 2 weeks was a total of $200

They even delivered it to my condo in Kissimmee. I took it with me in the car to other parts of Florida and then arranged for the company to pick it up at a local office on my way to the airport to make my journey home.

I highly recommend this company and can provide email details if anyone want to get in touch with them

Does anyone know anything about hiring an oxygen concentrator in Turkey.

I am considering holidaying there but need to deal with this question first.

Good Morning boiler,


I don't have any feedback from anyone who's used this company, but I know that they do provide oxygen for travellers.

Regards, Biddy.

Hello All....... I have hired portable oxygen concentrators off a private compnay whom i find to provide an excellent service..... a company that actually care. This company provide the latest units on the market... these units i hire enables me to fligh and travell at a moments notice, with a compnay who back me up in case of any issues that occur. As for EBay .... i would buy a unit of there if they gave it to me. You dont know the conditional of the unit, you dont know if it is being sold from an approved seller of medical equiptment... and the most frightening thing is that theres no back up, servicing or support..... you can not put a price on service. I travelled to germany to see my grandson in january i hire a portable concentrator approved for flighing, i also was offered a back up unit as the compnay risk assessed me because of the LPM and hours a day i require oxygen..... i can not fault them. they also have a research centre which i found to be very helpful... there is a great peice on why you should buy off EBay... have a look... the compnay is Pure 02. x

Take Care

Loulou blue

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