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Hi everyone, my name is Carol and I work as a specialist advisor on the helpline, I have been with the BLF for over 7 years supporting, advising and giving information on benefits, financial advice, holiday information and everday lifestyle issues that people face living with lung conditions.

We can answer most questions or queries people ring up about, but if we can't we will always try our best to help by researching information for them.

So if there is anything you need an answer to, call or email us here at the helpline tel 03000 030 555

look forward to speaking to you all soon

Kindest regards


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Thanks Carol, its good to know the helpline is there for people with a lung condition and for their carers. Auntymary

Hi there Carol nice to meet you.

Nice to know we have someone in our corner to help and advise


New to this getting help from grandaughter that has asked "what is with the locks on that stuff" gets it from her mothers side not my son.

kind regards Ethel

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