How long has a chest infection (in someone with copd)kept you immoble for?

My Dads now on his 3rd lot of antibiotics ,theses ones are different ones to the last 2 weeks and azithromycin 3 times a week .But hes still spitting up thick green stuff and coughing so much ,still to weak to get out of bed .

Sorry ive been asking so many questios lately ,im just really worried about him from Sam

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  • Weeks you need the right antibiotic to treat the infection - sputum testing Val

  • Hi Sam

    Why don't you give the Helpline a call (03000 030 555) - perhaps we can arrange for you to have a chat with one of our nurse advisers about Dad?

    She'll then try and clarify some of your questions - perhaps give some pointers about what to ask Dad's nurse.

    Then you can perhaps update evreyone with what has been said?



  • My last chest infection took more than 6 weeks to treat and I'm still recovering from it.

  • Thanks Mark I think I'll hive them a ring .

    To the last answer (Elian) was you bed bound that whole time ? Did you have a few courses of antibiotics during that time ? Or did you have to go to hospital at all from Sam

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