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Hello everyone!

Hello everyone. I suffer with severe Emphysema, also Angina and depression. Well, they do say things come in 3's! One thing I'm glad that I haven't lost is my sense of humour and although I do have 'dark days', I know that the 'sunshine' is waiting on the other side :)

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What a lovely turn of phrase. Thank you for sharing.

Take care


That put a smile on my face,lovely way to be.

Hi seams love that phrase put a big smile on my face too

take care

Hi Seams,

You put a smile on my face too, I'm glad you still have a sense of humour, it certainly helps.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

What a lovely way to express yourself. Put a smile on my face to, thank you.

Take care



I found St Johns Wort helped with my depression years ago, as well as looking forward to something pleasing every day - could be very simple things - like time sitting in the garden, reading a chapter of a good book, ringing a friend, anything that makes your sun shine a little more. I also got into the habit of a journal that only included things I was grateful for. that made me make things happen so that I could be grateful for more :) When you feel down, look up - it's literally harder to frown or cry and easier to smile and laugh with chin lifted - 'keep your chin up' is more than just a platitude. x Julie

Please be aware & check with your gp or pharmcist before taking any alternative medication. St Johns Wort can interact badly with presciption medication

Stay safe

Best Wishes

Jo :-)

Seams you have made my day, well done to youxx

Welcome Seams

So glad you can always look on the bright side of life ;) I always remember my experiences of flying in dark dreary days. The sun always shines above the clouds where the sky is blue and shot with colours at sunrise and sunset. Its a whole new world going on above the clouds.

Keep on trucking.

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