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problems i have had

Well, i'm new here so just gonna vent a few problems i have found since diagnosis.

I was given the diagnosis of COPD 2 years ago. I was pretty bad when i was diagnosed, but as time has gone on i have got worse.

i have just been off work since January 2nd because i have had continual chest infections and breathing problems but my company have found me a job more suitable to my needs ( i was working at an airport but they have found me a job away from the airport) i have been very lucky there.

My biggest issue is that i can't go out too far, for example into town, supermarket etc, on my own because i am scared i will collapse thru lack of breath, so i applied for a "blue badge" but was told i do not qualify. So i now don't go into town at all and am limited to when i get to a supermarket.

Has anyone else been told they cannot have a blue badge? it annoys me as one day, when fighting for breath, i watched a woman run to her car pushing a pushchair, she put child into the car, collapsed the pushchair and lifted it into the back of her car, all the time parked in a disabled space with a blue badge ! i couldn't pick up the pushchair without getting out of breath let alone run, then a man parked in the vacated spot put the blue badge on his dash and got out of the car and ran along the high street for about 300 yds, so i don't understand why i don't qualify !!! i asked my local council for an explanation but they told me to re apply-no explanation.

Has anyone else had ths issue?

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The problem maybe you never explained your problem, breathlessness for example enough. When I applied for a badge I did so with the help and support of social services. Whom filled in the form for me. Apply again but ask to see social services, explain the problem and ask them for help in filling in the form.

As for people that appear to have no disability. Yes I have seen that very many times and it annoys me greatly. I do know that disability is in many cases unseen. Lung illness for instance. If I am sitting at a table or talking from my car window i look fine. Until I start walking then get puffing. I am hoping the issue of the new badges will stop a lot of that kind thing. Time will tell. All the best on your new application.


thanks - yes i know what you mean about "invisible disabilities" but i understood that the blue badge was for those with restricted walking abilities and to see 2 people actually running when i cant even walk without breathing difficulties prompts me to ask how these people get badges when it is obvious they don't need them, i recently read in our local paper of a elderly couple, both with severe disabilities, who were told they where not eligible for a badge. To see people running when myself and that couple cant get one defies explanation - seriously makes me wonder if they have a family and friends programme!!!!!


With the blue badge issue. You may need to get a note from your doctor to support the application.

When I first applied (several years ago) I did so after getting advice from the BLF helpline, you may want to check with them before reapplying.

I note you were only diagnosed 2 years ago, I wonder if you have been prescribed lung medicine other than ventolin? I know that my consultant was a bit slow in coming forward with more than a reliever med for me. With only ventolin I was in a similar situation, not able to go into town, shop, carry anything heavy etc, nor walk any distance and breathelessness was severe for me then.

If your symptoms have worsened recently and your medicine is not working as well I would go back to your doc, maybe ask for referral to respiratory consultant. In any case, do communicate to your doc about your current difficulties with the breathelessness and not being able to walk too far or supermarket shop etc.

Good wishes with your reapplication for the blue badge and do let us know how you get on with the doc.

Hope things become a little easier for you soon.



Hello Krazylady, I was diagnosed a few yrs ago with COPD,and although I can walk in the supermarket etc and short distances before gasping for breath,my doctor helped me obtain the blue badge,as like he said,it wont get better and having it is better than not!! I do use it,but not always as some days are better than others,I find that a understanding doctor was the best place to start.

I understand other peoples comments on here about not seeing the disability,I got stopped by a local supermarket ticket inspector who saw my age and ability to scurry from the rain,and thought he should question me on the validility of my badge,I told him that just because I didnt have a blue rinse or a walking stick,doesnt mean Im not intitled to have a badge,he pressed me for an explanation of my disability,which I thought was very rude,but I pointed out that there are many people with unseen disabilities.Hopefully he will have a better understanding of his job and of people now. Lisa


Tru - i'm on loads of inhalers and tablets(and use a nebuliser)- as with most COPD sufferers i am good for a bit but when it hits me, it hits hard !!! I am still learning to cope with it and sometimes i find it very difficult but as i said in my post i am lucky as i have great employers.

thanks for the advice - i will contact the BLF for help filling it in.

Lisa- i totally understand what you are saying- I have to admit i would have got wet as running would not be an option. But the people i am talking about in my blog didn't only run a few yards,they ran a few hundred yards ! i can't walk a few yards without getting breathless - it would nice to go out occasionally but because of my limitations i don't - even my employers have made a space by the door for me to park and given me a downstairs office - all this was done without any asking from me.

Despite the lack of a blue badge i am really lucky -

As for the ticket inspector - i had a similar thing happen to me - i was in the dentist and was coughing, i made my dentist aware i have emphysema on a previous visit but in the waiting room in front of other patients, she questioned me about "my cold" stating surgery policy was not to treat people with cold and flu as the staff then get it, i skated around the issue, suggesting she re-read my notes but she pushed on and on - eventually, in front of other patients and staff i told her i do not have a cold but COPD- needless to say i have not gone back to that surgery.


Hi there crazylady,

You certainly need to speak to your doctor, I asked my doctor before I applied, she told me to get the form and the photo fill it in and then take it down to the surgery, they posted it off and a few days later my blue badge appeared.

I, like you and many others who have this disease can`t walk far without being out of breath, I treated myself to a tri-wheeler a few weeks ago and it is the best thing I have ever done. I can now get out and about without relying on other people so much, I can take my time and rest when I feel the need, I did feel a bit stupid with it at first because I do not consider myself to be an old lady (I have only ever seen the elderly use them) and thought that my friends would make fun of me (stupid really) but it has given me a new lease of life my family and all my friends are fully supportive of me. I therefore promote this aid and strongly suggest you treat yourself

Good luck with the blue badge and keep in touch



Hi, My husband has moderate COPD and has just got his blue badge though he had to have an assessment which included walking around the building. We were really worried because his blue badge just makes life tolerable - we printed out the form online, filled it in and had a letter telling us to ring for an assessment date. The assessment was very fair and the lady that we saw was fantastic. So I would perserve and try again if I were you. The other thing is Breathe Easy groups that hold meetings once a month - hopefully in your area. Just to get together with other sufferers and hearing about their problems and solutions can help. Good luck TAD x


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