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Hello everybody

I managed to put one post and a reply on the forum before the changes came in so I'll intoduce myself again.

My name is Martyn, I'm 49, a non-smoker, never have. I was diagnosed a few weeks ago with mild COPD. My GP says it is through passive smoking that I've developed it. I went back to an emergency Dr on Monday with a tight chest and lots of phlegm production and am now on a course of antibiotics for a chest infection.

I saw my own GP on Tuesday with questions about the condition and was told it is very mild `in it's infancy`. Then I was told I also had Asthma. I've been on Ventolin since my original diagnosis a few weeks ago.

I'd like to thank Rita and Tru for contacting me on the Forum and in answer to one of your questions Tru my GP says I can't get Pulmonary Rehabilitation because at the stage I'm at a referral would't be accepted.

The Doc did say I can have my pneumonia vaccination and I'll be having another Spirometry test at some point. I was told to keep excercising and looking after myself and I could keep it at this level for years. I'm realising how difficult that is going to be, I now have a runny nose, my cough that was nearly going has got worse, I keep going dizzy and getting spots in front my eyes when I'm out walking and I'm so frustrated that even at this stage I can walk about a mile or so quite quickly but then I'm shattered. I don't know if that's the COPD or the Asthma!

Sorry for rambling folks!

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Hi there Wiggins,

I`m sorry to hear that you have recently been diagosed with mild COPD, on reading your post you appear to be angry, confused and a little worried, you say you have never smoked but do not say whether you work in a smokey atmosphere or live in one but if you do either it is obviously not good for your condition. I suggest that when you go for your next appointment with your GP you ask for your blood pressure to be checked if you are feeling dizzy (it may be that you just have a nasty infection but its better to be safe than sorry) and that you take up the offer of the pneumonia Jab. You should continue to exercise as much as you can, you may have to rest at intervals but what does that matter? Don`t try not to worry too much, do what you can, take your medication as instructed and stay positive Please keep us informed.

Regards Linda

Hi Linda

thank you for your reply.

I suppose I am to all three. I've never been what I'd say is the fittest person around but I've always walked everywhere, I don't drive. By the way call me Martyn I only put my surname because it wouldn't let me register with my first. I can honestly say that I personally can't have ever had more than 10 cigarettes in my life, I tried them in my early 20's and didn't like it so that was it for them. However my dad is a smoker and has smoked since he was 15 so I grew up with it, most of my freinds smoke or have done, colleagues smoke, I frequent pubs and not so long ago they were full of it so passive smoking could be a big factor. I've also worked in Coal Mines (6 yrs), Warehouse (1 yr) where I know I breathed sawdust in and also building sites (5yrs); cement, brick dust.

The confusion is from lack of information from Dr's, finding things out yourself as you may know can be quite scary. After my visit to the GP on Tuesday I came away thinking that the reason I'm struggling a bit was due to the asthma, now I'm so sure. Strange, COPD scares me, asthma doesn't.

I have had some problems with blood pressure and cholesterol, I'm diabetic too. Had to come of my Statins because of the antibiotics I'm on.

I'm a support worker and administrator for a local charity for adults with learning difficulties. There is smoke from the smokers outside but I avoid them now like the plague.

Hi there Martin,

I thought you might be interested in a DVD its called

"Living well with COPD", the BLF produce it and although some of it may not relate to you I think you will find it interesting. If you go on the BLF site and click onto publications you`ll find it there and its free. I can certainly relate to some of it and I must admit it made me feel better about the problems we experience.

Good Luck

Regards Linda

Hi Martyn,

How rude of me to spell your name wrong on my last post. I hope you will forgive me.

Regards Linda

Hi Martyn

So glad you joined us here, welcome again. Its a pity you can't access a pulmonary rehabilitation programme.

The DVD that Linda mentions would be well worth getting, BLF links below:

Living Well with COPD DVD:

Also check out their page on Living with COPD.

And the page of Self Management:

Don't delay seeing the doc if you think your cough has worsened. Glad the doc mentioned about the pneumonia vaccine, also ask about having the annual flu shot to help protect your lungs.

Its always difficult when newly diagnosed Martyn but as you learn and understand more about COPD and how best you can manage it you will stand yourself in good stead to preserve your health and quality of life.

Keep in touch.

Auntymary x

Thanks everyone. I've been reading some of the other blogs and they are beginning to put my problems in to perspective. From now on, positive all the way.

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