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Hi everyone,

My name is Matthew, and I’m the BLF’s communications officer for Wales, based in Swansea.

As well as operating as a UK wide organisation, the British Lung Foundation has a strong presence in each of the devolved nations. The reason being is that the Welsh Government controls the NHS in Wales. Consequently if you live in Wales, the service you receive through the NHS may be slightly different to those in the rest of the UK.

The British Lung Foundation Wales was established in 2005, and we have been working hard for the 1 in 5 people in Wales who suffer from lung disease. We do this through:

• Supporting people who have a lung disease, and their families and carers

• Raising awareness of lung disease at community and national level

• Campaigning to make lung disease a national priority in Wales

• Working with other organisations, such as voluntary groups, the NHS, and National Assembly for Wales, to improve services across Wales

Some facts about Wales:

• Around one in five people in Wales have some form of lung disease

• Lung disease is the third biggest killer in Wales

• Lung disease is the second most common long term condition in Wales

We also operate a support network of 23 Breathe Easy groups across the whole of Wales. The groups are a collaboration of local people affected by lung disease; coming together in comradeship to share stories, educate themselves, and generally have a good time. The groups are always looking for new member, and we encourage anyone with a lung disease to join.

Feel free to contact us directly, or visit the Wales section on the BLF Website!

Best wishes,


British Lung Foundation Wales

6a Prospect Place, Swansea, SA1 1QP

Tel: 01792 455764


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