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Hi there everyone,

My name is Linda, I was diagnosed with copd some 3 years ago now having been a smoker from an early age, needless to say I have`nt smoked since the diagnosis. I have been directed to this community via The British Lung foundation site I met some wonderful people on there and hope to contact as many of you as possible over the next few months and years. Like most of you I have good days and bad days. My biggest problem when I was first diagnosed was accepting that life was going to have to be at a slower pace, having worked and been busy all my life this was very difficult to come to terms with, but am now realising that I have no option and so go with the flow. I have just been referred to the pulmonary rehabilitaion team in my area and am waiting for a place, I have been told there is a waiting list so I will continue to exercise as much as I can daily.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Linda.

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oakhouse2 in reply to Hidden

Hi there stitch, nice to meet you

regards Linda.

Hello again Linda :) good to see you made the changeover ! How do you like the new surroundings ?

oakhouse2 in reply to elian

Hi there elian, nice to see you too, finding my way around this new site but so far so good


hi Linda i just found out about The British Lung foundation site yest . its good to be able to talk to everyone and see how they deal with it . im still finding it hard accepting that life has to be at a slower pace my self . but at least i have yous all to help me along

regards colin

oakhouse2 in reply to colind

Hi there colind, nice to meet you. Glad you found the BLF site, it is good. One of the best things you will find is that your not alone with any of the ups and downs you experience, everyone, and I do mean everyone will be able to relate to any symptoms and problems you have so don`t hesitate to voice your worries and concerns there will always be someone who will reply to you.

keep your chin up

regards Linda.

colind in reply to oakhouse2

thanks Linda

Hi Linda

I to have been referred to pr,and am on the waiting list for a name is dawn,and I was diagnosed 2 years ago.i found the hardest thing was slowing down when you do things,although I must say,I never really did until 2 bad exacerbations I have no choice.always tired,etc.

Lovely to meet you,x

Hi there Dawn nice to meet you, my advice to you is to try and pace yourself. I have recently bought a tri-wheeler and must admit it has been a god send, I can now walk further at my own pace and rest when I feel I need it (I always fancied being a trolley dolly but never thought that I would have copd to get to be one), any way look after yourself, keep your chin up



Fantasy3 in reply to oakhouse2

Thanks Linda,

As I mentioned to stitch I'm not too bad at getting around,I can walk,albeit slower than the normal no good at even slight inclines,and steps are just a no no.(ok with the first 10 or so).but thanks for the advice on the tri wheelers.

Best wishes,take care.



Hi again Linda, welcome to the new community. So glad you joined us here.

Its great you are on the waiting list for PR and you continue to make the effort to exercise, both will help you so much.

Auntymary x

Hi Linda,

Good to see you in the new community, Hope you do not have a long wait for PR course, you will find it really makes a difference. It's good that you are continuing to try and exercise while you wait.

Best wishes

Jo :-)


A big welcome to all the newbies. It's really good to see you all on this new site. I look forward to getting to know you in the coming weeks and months.

Hi there stitch, I could not agree more with your sister, I`m thrilled to bits with mine. A couple of weeks ago I walked around Derbyshire for a couple of hours I could never have done that without my tri-wheeler, so if you are struggling to I stongly suggest you treat yourself.

Regards Linda.

Hi stitch,

I'm not too bad at getting around at the moment,just uphills,or slight inclines that stop me.but thanks for the info on the tri wheelers,will bear it in mind.

Best wishes


I just wish that my pulmonary rehab courses would start,I've only been waiting for 3 weeks,but it feels like a lifetime...I've watched the dvd's on blf website,and everybody on there is so positive....I'm finding it hard to be positive at the moment..I have 2 doggies,who love to go for their walks,some days because I cant breath too good,they look at me as if to say 'come on mum,we wanna go out'..

Hi there Fantasy3

I`m sorry to here your not feeling too positive at the moment but hang in there. Have you got an exercise programme at home you can do? if not try going to the doctor and asking them if they can obtain the `Move on Up` dvd for you or, if your under a pulmonary rehab team they might be able to obtain it for you

Good Luck

Regards Linda.

Hi Linda,

No,no excercise programme,nothing.just have to wait for the call from rehab..I was just reading something on here,which inspired me to get up,get my wii fit out and do some gentle stepping,I did ok,10 mins.then I got my arm weights out and did 3 mins of gentle arm exercises.

The phrase that I read and got me springing into action was,"I'm not gonna be one of the "death by chair" victims...

How true is this saying...instead of me sitting and waiting,I've decided to do my own programme,while I wait....

Best wishes to you.x

Hi Fantasy3

Good for you

Regards Linda

im a newbie too.i was very frightened when diagnosed last year,but ive realised theres plenty yearts in me yet.i have to work full time,and every day im just so tired.

Hi there Jilleh

Yes it is frightening when you are first diagnosed and one of the biggest things you have to come to terms with is accepting that you will have to slow down, take your meds on time and rest at regular intervals. Everyone who has copd tires easily so that is why we have to slow down.I too worked full time before it got too difficult for me to continue, but I have had to learn to listen to my body, it has`nt been easy but I think I`m getting there at last

Stick with it and keep in touch

Regards Linda

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