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My name is Jo (used to be Tracey) i am one the helpline specialist advisers and i have worked on the helpline for just over 7 years - part of my role is to offer welfare benefits advice - it is very important to me that people who are ill or their carers are not penalised financially, so i try to have some posts where you can find money saving tips and help with importants costs such as heating.

I massively enjoy my job and i am very proud of the help, support and information we as a charity can offer people affected by a lung condition.

Hope to speaking to you all soon.



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  • You must be awfully tenacious to be involved with welfare benefits advice. You must also enjoy a challenge! It's amazing how many people seem to be turned down, especially as the questions asked don't often seem to bear any relation to the condition.

  • Hello Jo, I'm not sure why you have changed your screen name from Tracey but it may prove to be a little confusing as I have always signed of as Jo on the old community. I tis good to know that you have been giving benefits advice on the helpline fo so long. I'm sure that you have helped many receive the benefits that they are entitled too.

    Best wishes


  • Hi CarrieMe

    Yes - the welfare benefits system can be very challenging, and yes we are speaking to people who have been refused benefits or having their benefits taken away - that being said we won't necessarily hear from the people who are not having any problems.

    It is fantastic though when someone gets a positive result!

    Hiope you're well.

    Best Jo

  • Hi jojam

    I hope you're OK.

    Yes it may be a little confusing - it's not just my screen name i've changed but all correspondance. My official name is Tracey but i prefer my middle name of Jo.

    Best Wishes


  • Hi Jo,

    I'm not too bad thank you, would prefer a change in the weather though as I'm sure most people with a lung condition would!!

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • Hi Jo, Jojam, Carrie

    Jo thanks for all you do at BLF, love your money saving tips and its great to know we can get the good advice about benefits too.

    I am Tru from the BLF board, when I registered here Tru was taken so I am using Tru1 now.

    Best wishes to all Tru :)

  • Hello Tru,

    Good to see you have migrated from the old BLF forum, hope you are keeping ok.

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • Hi Jo

    Its good to see some familiar people here, thanks for greeting me, I am doing ok, getting a bit fed up with the weather, hope you and all are keeping well too.

    Wishing every one easy breathing.


  • Hi Jo I have spoken to you twice on the helpline, your help & advice has been amazing!! Keep up the good work & thank you so much for all you have done for me. Just speaking to someone who understands how bad I feel is a big help xx

  • Hi Mary

    Thank you for your kind comments - i love the work i do and i'm glad i can be of help.

    The helpline is here to help.



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