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First Time Blog

Well, who'd have thought it? Me, writing a blog. However, so much has happened since the beginning of the year that I thought I'd share some of it with you.

January was an OK sort of month, but February was awful. I had an exacerbation and was off work for 3 weeks, then opted to return to work on a 1/2 day basis for the 4th week, but the thought of 5 days a week for the next 5-6 years was really beginning to get me down. In March I got a letter from the DWP telling me that my retirement age was to be 66 and 3 months - so make that 8 years still to go (and there I was, when I started work all those years ago, thinking I would be retiring at 60!). Then at the end of the month I had a couple of really horrendous, heavy nosebleeds in quick succession. March also saw me having a discussion with our HR office about my working options!

But then, like the good old British weather, things turned around completely. The exacerbation finally cleared up (after 2 lots of antibiotics and 2 lots of steroids). The doctor cauterised my nose to stop the bleeds, and my work offered me the chance to take my work pension early, and to reduce my working week to 3 days (Tues - Thurs).

So as of 1 April I am one very happy little bunny!

Three days work is much more manageable and we've lots of time now to go off in our caravan.

Yes COPD is a real pain sometimes, and can stop me doing things I used to, but it just takes something little to remind me how really good life can be and how lucky I really am!

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I'm glad that things are working out for you now. I wish I could cut my hours but both daughters decided to return to uni so having to fund that.

I haven't had an really bad excerbation since using the smartvest. I have had pleurisy!

Think of us workers whilst you are out enjoying your caravan.


Hi Lorien,

Good to hear from you, how have you been? I can't believe how different I feel having reduced my hours - mentally as well as physically. I still can't believe I've been able to afford it. I can't praise my employers enough. They're looking for savings like everyone else and this just seemed to suit us both.

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