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I've been feeling very low recently and realised that I had depression. I was irratible with people at work and the family, bursting into tears - all the classic symptoms. I have now been put on anti-depressants and signed off work for 2 weeks. Analysing the reasons things have changed a lot at work recently and not always for the better. People can not understand that a condition such as bronchiectasis or any long term lung condition is not going to get better. You have good days and bad days. My treatment rules my life - I have to plan to go out in the evening round my nebulising salbutomol and colomycin along wwith my smartvest. They might work at their fitness because they want to get healthier we have to work at it all the time so our lungs don't get worse.

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Sorry to hear that you have depression but glad that you are getting help & treatment for it. People have no understanding of how Lung disease can affect us from day to day, somtimes even changing during the course of the day. I can realate to working around the need to nebulise as I am also on colomycin nebs. It really gets in the way of arranging a social life! I would be interested to hear more about your smartvest what it does & how effective it is. Hope your depression lifts soon.

So sorry to hear about the depression. I've been on Fluoxetine for a while now, and not so long ago the doctor upped the dose so I now take it morning and evening. It has made a massive difference to my mood, although it has taken a year or so for me to really feel the benefit. I had to apologise a few times to work colleagues for my outbursts, and for the tears. I don't know what was worse at the time - them putting it down to my being at a 'certain age' or just thinking I was naturally moody and rude. Of course, nobody thought to put it down to having difficulty coping with my illness! The anti-depressants will take a month or so to kick in but I'm sure you'll notice a massive improvement when they do.

Thank you both for the comments. It really helps to have people who know what you are going through. I lost it last week at workwhen I was told I didn't have commitment as I wouldn't put in several extra hours to do something at home.

My smartvest does high frequency chest oscillation. It saves me doing active breathing etc. It is American made by a company called electromed and is wonderful. I got it because my consultant has an ongoing research project and he lent me one then persuaded the company to give me one.The smartvest is effective and I definitely cough up more - particularly with the nebulising regime.

Hi Judith - How are you doing? I hope you're managing to take plenty of time out for yourself and are getting to relax and do the things you want (or don't want) to do during your 2 weeks off work. Please keep in touch.


I'm not doing very much - just being lazy. I was going to go to the gym today but the weather is horrible and making my lungs ache. I have gone through my dresses and put all those that are too big or don't look good out for the charity shop.



Depression can be very difficult to cope with while trying to function in other areas of your life.

I don't know if you're awarer but you can call us on the helpline and arrange to speak to Helen our counsellor. Helen does understand the impact of living with a chronic condition.

03000 030 555.

Best Wishes


Hi, I'm Heych (or Helen if you prefer), a counsellor here on the BLF Helpline, Id welcome the chance to chat to you about depression, anxiety or anything else of concern so please feel free to give me a call on the helplineL: 0300 030 555.

More information and suggestions on depression to come so watch this space!


I went to the GP again yesterday and he has signed me off for another 2 weeks. As he is away over the bank holiday my next appointment is 3 May. I think he is right and a really good rest is what I need plus ok course the citalaprim. I now don't feel guilty about going back to bed after I've done my chest stuff but I'm not bored yet! It does mean I will look rested and will be able to look slightly decent for my niece's wedding on 6 May.


Hi Judith

So sorry for what you are having to deal with, I think trying to keep on working with a chronic illness is not easily managed and we all know living with a chronic lung condition is not easy. It does have to be worked at and it takes effort each and every day to do all the things we need to do in order to try and keep our condition stable.

I'm glad your GP has signed you off another 2 weeks, rest, relaxation, some pampering and just generally doing what you feel happy doing, or just doing what you feel like doing.

When and if you feel well enough to return to work, perhaps investigate if its possible to reduce your hours making everything a little more manageable for you.

Hope you are feeling so much better real soon.

Tru x

I do so admire anyone who manages to hold down a job when they have a chronic lung condition!

I used to run my own business until it all got too much with bronchiectasis and (it turned out later) pseudomonas. Luckily we can get by on my husband's earnings and we moved to the country Now with nebulising, physio, looking after house and our youngest child, I can't think how I ever had time for work. I sometimes think it would be nice to get a part time job (not so easy nowadays anyway), but can't imagin how I'd cope.

So to those out there who are doing it I say three cheers!

I hope your rest and meds will set you up for when you return to work, Judy. All the best.

hiya, i hope your feeling alot better with anti-depressants, i started getting depressed & i have c.o.p.d & bronchitis, i loved clenaning my home all the house hold chores i loved doing, n walking for miles with my grand kids then it all stopped i cpoudnt get a breath even bathing, i cried all the time & felt so useless, my resp nurse told me we will all get depressed knowing we have to change the way we have lived & do things we can only manage, i then found this group & only been on ot a few days but ive had so much good advice i am feeling better, eveb if i just get it off my chest how i feel, i dpo hope your ok, & stick to this group.

The anti depressants are working. However I am really being dumped on at work. I used to only do criminal litigation (among many other things) but now have to do civil litigation as the person who did that is leaving! One other person is on maternity leave and hasn't been replaced so I also have her litigation work! I am so tired it is unbelievable. I took today as leave and slept most of the day. Went out to a dinner and could hardly stay awake. Beddy byes I think.

Hi Judith

I hope you are doing ok now? Wishing you a good day everyday. Here is a link you might be interested in:


All good wishes

Hi alanjudy - well done for being so strong. Living with depression and bronchiectasis is not easy. I truly empathise. Do you have a therapist that you see or someone to help you, like a coach? I found coaching hugely helpful to me when i was suffering from significant stress at work and coping my ulcerative colitis ( along term condition of the colon). Maybe therapy online would work for you? as you can do it from home around hours that work for you?

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