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The importance of exercise and being active. 'Do a bit, rest a bit, do a bit more'

I think it is essential that everyone with COPD is refered for pulmonary Rehab, it is amazing the difference it has made. It is however important to continue with exercise and activity after the course is finished. I exercise at least four times a week for about 30 minutes at a time although some days it takes me longer as I 'do a bit, rest a bit, do a bit more' This has made me stronger and better able to manage my condition. I would encourage everyone to keep moving.

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I agree. I have never attended a Pulmonary Rehab course but I do go to the gym and have personal training with someone who is trained to help people with medical conditions - she also trains youngsters with CF. I've also learnt that getting breathless is ok - just so long as it is the right level of breathless!

As Project Development Officer for the BLF Active project this is great to hear! I love both mantras of 'do a bit, rest a bit, do a bit more' and 'getting breathless is ok'.

It's imortant to first learn how to push yourself safely - this is most effectively taught at Pulmonary Rehabilitaton (PR) and it's best to ask a health professional about getting referred to a PR course. Then, the key is in putting what you've learnt into practice, be it in a gym, at home or at a dance-class!

As alanjudy says there are specialist instructors in the community to help you out. The are also over 200 specialist RESPIRATORY instructors around the country! Has anyone exercised with one?

I'm always interested to hear what people do to keep active, so please share your stories here and feel free to respond to our survey :

Hello Katiep,

Yes it is very important to learn how to exercice safely with a lung condition, that is why I would always advocate that people attend a PR course. I am very fortunate that my Respiratory Physiotherapist whilst I was in hospital for seven weeks also runs our PR course at the hospital. She has been most supportive & helped me to develop my strength & endurance. She has also given me confidence.

| do not beleive that we have a BFL Active instructor in my area. I do however still receive support from NHS Respitarory Physios.

Best Wishes


I completely agree - the pulmonary rehab course has changed my husbands life! xx

hi i like the active 2 sports game for the wii as i can exercice at home even when its a bad day for me and wii fit . try and walk all the time too

p.s. new to site loving it

lol now the feeling they have the just dance stuff to it can be fun with the family

I also agree, the PR course is a must for any one with a lung condition and its important to keep the exercise going.

I try and walk out also but when the weather is bad I do one of the exercise videos on You Tube, or walk up and down inside. I find the stairs handy as can do 30-50 steps whenever I walk past on way to kitchen. It all helps.

It does pay off to keep the exercise going. Also you get to learn different exercises that can help strengthen any problem being experienced.

Keep up the good work everyone.

I agree with colind, it feels great here and I am also loving the new site :)


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