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Love my rollator

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Hi everyone just a update loving using my rollator it's so nice being face to face with others instead of looking up from my chair. I can sit and rest when out of breath and get exercise aswell so win win . James is at home and we are coping well he has his good days and bad but is sleeping better so mum getting some rest . Has lots of physo and nurses popping in so getting the help he needs so that's good and my aunty and grandad are getting me to college so allgood at moment .Have just ordered new gaming chair so will be interesting me and mum putting that together lol .Hope you are all keeping safe and well.

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So pleased to hear you like your rollator. Sounds like it’s making a big difference. Glad things are working out well now Pokermon. It’s good that James is getting all the help he needs and you’re aunty and grandad are getting you to college. Xxxx😘

Nice to hear some better news from you Pokermon. The rollator seems to have been a good buy and of much benefit. Hope things continue to improve for James and your mum.

Really happy to hear such positive news from you. 👍

That's great news Pokerman. Life just about on an even keel and getting better, long may it continue xxx😊

Hey that’s great! Have you got orange on it yet? That must make a lot of difference being face to face rather than having to look up all the time! And exercise…well like you say, win win!I’m glad James is home and getting the support he needs.

Hmm…good luck with your gaming chair🤪

Hope things keep going well for you all.

We do like positive news Pokermon so keep it coming and happy for you ,your mum and james that they are getting the help they need.Ski's and Scruff's


Fantastic! Very glad to hear!

Hi Pokermon. I am so pleased all is going well for you and the family at the moment. Like you, I have a wheelchair and a rollator and love to get the chance to use it outside in the better weather. I also find it quite helpful for resting my oxygen concentration on, as they can be quite heavy. Keep weel. John 😀👍

Good news Pokermon so glad things are working out well for you all. X

So glad your rollator has made such a difference to your life. Good luck with the gaming chair. Hoping James continues to improve now he's back home.

Hi Pokermon, it’s nice for us to hear your good news!

Hey Pokermon great to hear you’re getting on well and things seem to be looking up for you and your family it’s not before time. Glad you’re getting on well with your rollator, I use mine in the better weather so I can go out in my garden. Take care Barbs x

So glad you're liking your roll-top and that things are improving with James and all round x

I'm so pleased yr enjoying yr rolls for.pleased too James is home and things r better.mum sounds like a glad yr getting lifts to college.thanku for updating us xxx

Sounds like it was a good move using the rollator Pokemon and so pleased it is working out for you. Also good to read James is home and getting on well x

Sounds as if your mums idea for the rollator has paid off so it’s good to hear that other things are also improving. Well may it continue Grace

Good to hear things seem to be going in the right direction for all your family long may it continue xx

So good to hear you enjoying it . People cannot talk over your head now !

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