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Just a suggestion for those who keep being told “you’re not eligible” on the NHS App: if you Google your county eg I put “East Sussex covid vaccine”, but I tried it with Surrey too, you might get your local nhs website with a whole list of walk-in vaccine centres. I was looking for my husband, who keeps being told he’s ineligible even tho he definitely is, and found several sessions at quite nearby

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It’s really weird, I tried the online one kept tapping in my NHS number, date of birth, and it kept telling me I was not eligible to use the system. Tried phoning this morning. After all the menus, choices, it then told me they were too busy, call finished. Tried the online system: it recognised me and it went through like a dream. I was able to book an appointment just after my Best Beloved’s…. ??? Very odd.

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Hanne62 in reply to Katinka46

Bizarre isn’t it

A brilliant suggestion. The system seems to be a shambles.

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Hanne62 in reply to Alberta56

So annoying Sajid Javid is blaming patients for not getting boosters, when the reality is it’s so hard to book one

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DJS6 in reply to Hanne62

Ha, success! Thanks, I'd tried to find a walk-in centre in East Sussex (Eastbourne) too, but nothing was coming up locally. Just tried search as you suggested and after a bit of digging have found one just over a mile away...right under my nose! Yesterday the same centre was on the booking site, but then disappeared.

Am going to give that a try today and then cancel my 'first available' appointment I have booked for 18th November. Not making it easy for us are they?

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Hanne62 in reply to DJS6

No they’re bloody not! You can go round in circles trying to book through the app so I’m pleased the search had worked for you x

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DJS6 in reply to Alberta56

Brilliant certainly does seem to be a shambles!

Great idea Hanne which will hopefully help many. Xxx👍😘

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Hanne62 in reply to sassy59

My husband is now going to a centre in Peacehaven tomorrow, which we didn’t even know existed! Much more convenient than central Brighton anyway

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peege in reply to Hanne62

That's great, well done you and roll on tomorrow- have you had your booster or the 3rd vaccination?

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Hanne62 in reply to peege

Hi peege and sassy59. I had my 3rd covid vaccine last week at the GP hub (which the surgery knew nothing about 🙄) Apparently I’ll be contacted in 6 months for the booster. But they’re both Pfizer. People like me only have a weak response to vaccines but that’s better than nothing! Thanks both of you 😘😘😘

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sassy59 in reply to Hanne62


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sassy59 in reply to Hanne62

Well that’s good, have you had your booster? Xxx😘

I was lucky to have the centre almost opposite my house . When I looked it up on line there are only 2 centres to each council area here and I only hsd to walk across the road . So lucky.

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Hanne62 in reply to Jaybird19

Really? Gosh yes, that was lucky!

There appear to be two pathways: one for booster doses and one for third primary doses for people with compromised immune systems, which have to be booked through the GP and not through the NHS booking system. Later availability through the GP plus the need to distance the vaccine from her chemo would have meant that my sister, who is in the third primary dose group, would have had to wait at least three weeks longer than her partner, who had his second dose at the same time as her. She went along with him to his booster appointment last week, explained the situation to the doctor in charge and got her jab there and then. The doctor said this might cause a computer headache further down the line, but fortunately he had the common sense to realise that the priority was to get her protected as soon as possible, which was surely the object of the exercise!

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Hanne62 in reply to Mariella49

Good job the dr realised we shouldn’t be slaves to “computer says no”

My friend went to our local hib and got the vaccine as a walk-in. Will try it as my 6 months is up now x

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Hanne62 in reply to watergazer

Good luck, hope you can get it!

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watergazer in reply to Hanne62


I had to change the date of my booster (Nov 5th) as my husbands operation date came through for Nov 8th and so he has to have a COVID test on 5th and then isolate. This obviously means me too, but also the logistics of doing both things on the one day were impossible as my booster was booked for Seaford and his test has to be done in Haywards Heath.

I went onto the website and the earliest appointment I could get was for November 17th in Eastbourne, which I booked.

Then yesterday, my husband had his booster at the Princes Park Health Centre in Eastbourne while I waited in the car. When he came out, he told me that people appeared to be walking in and getting the jab without appointments.

So off I went, and I was able to join the queue (all sitting, very orderly and well spaced). In no time at all I came out fully vaccinated! Just had to cancel the other appointment. It was so easy!

I did find the website ok to use, but the dates offered were so far ahead. The walk in was much better.

xx Moy

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Hanne62 in reply to MoyB

So you got jabbed 3wks earlier than you would’ve done! That’s great x

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MoyB in reply to Hanne62

Yes, indeed! I'm delighted! xx Moy

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DJS6 in reply to MoyB

Hello MoyB, I'm in Eastbourne too and also booked the earliest appointment available yesterday on the website - November 18th at Princess Park HC - what a coincidence!!

Today I checked as Hanne62 suggested, and found a walk-in clinic is available at Sovereign Harbour CC (at the Crumbles) had been there all the time, if only they'd let us know!

I'm going to try to get mine done this afternoon, and then cancel my existing appointment as you did. Great that you and your husband both got your vaccinations yesterday, Jane x

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MoyB in reply to DJS6

Yes, we are very chuffed to have got them both done! Good luck with getting yours. xx Moy

I believe the walk in centres are for the immune compromised and you have to have a letter from the NHS to show. You can then get a forth vaccine in 6 months. I tried to book on the book a vaccine site and was told I wasn’t eligible possibly because I have to have the third vaccine not the booster. When i got mine at the walk in centre they were only taking walk ins for third vaccine and kids. The people for the boosters had to have an appointment. You should be able to find the walk in centres on the CCG site for the county you live in.

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Collienut in reply to Mooka

Hi Mooka, my friend had a letter come to book restarting the vaccines (she's on immune suppression drugs) but she had to have a letter from her vasculitis consultant to be able to book. Took her half a day phoning around and trying to book. Once she had the consultant letter she had an appointment for that afternoon at a vaccination hub. She said she had to have the vaccine again then the 2nd one followed by the booster in 6 months. She was well fed up, and is back to bring terrified of Covid. xx

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Hanne62 in reply to Collienut

Ridiculous that the most vulnerable people are being messed about like this

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Mooka in reply to Collienut

That’s ridiculous. I was turned away from a walk in centre when I only had the text but had no problems once I had the letter. I had no help from my GP surgery and 119 are unable to help. Personally I feel that my vasculitis consultant and immunologist have more to do than confirm I’m immune compromised. I know that my immunologist had made sure I was put forward for the vaccine and that should be enough. I hope your friends vasculitis is under control.

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Collienut in reply to Mooka

She's back under control now, but it was very bumpy around May/June. She thought the vaccine may have kick started her immune system again, was very worried but it settled again.

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Hanne62 in reply to Mooka

This must be a regional thing. I was able to book my 3rd on the basis of a text containing a personalised link with all my details. We can hardly bother our consultants with this!

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DJS6 in reply to Mooka

Not the most sensible idea to make those who are immune compromised to go to a walk-in clinic along with all those kids, who they say have the highest infection rates!

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Hanne62 in reply to DJS6

Good point - hadn’t thought of that!

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