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GP Charges

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Is it normal that a GP would charge £40.00 to tick two boxes and sign a form.

Im in the process of applying for a disabled parking space and that's how much my GP wants me to pay.

I expected a charge of £10.00 or £15.00 perhaps but £40.00 is outrageous, I think.

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I suppose that’s what they charge these days but I think it’s excessive to be honest. Xxx

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It is outrageous but they aren't stupid they know if we want it then we will pay it. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕

It is outrageous and it’s the fault of the council giving the BB that you have to pay it. They should accept your own proof of the condition you have. They treat us like children.

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Bevvy in reply to Littlepom

To be fair to council there are plenty of people who try to scam the system so councils can’t accept no medical proof and just issue a blue badge! Also the more people who gain them through fraudulent means the fewer spaces are available to those in genuine need. I have had to lock my badge to steering wheel because cars are broken into for their badge.However I do think £40 is an excessive charge for form completion.

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Littlepom in reply to Bevvy

I have had a badge since 1998. Renewed every 3 yrs with no problem. Suddenly in 2014 in spite of a pile of evidence they sent me to the other side of Coventry to be assessed. The assessor was embarrassed and furious. She gave me a form to claim PIP and rang the council to tell them how stupid they were not to keep records of those who have BBs ( they still don't). My MP also wrote the council a stiff letter. I know that Warwick council is still putting long term badge holders and their GPs through this game to renew. Yes insist on all of the evidence for a first badge then keep records on their computer. It's not rocket science. I have never had my badge stolen but I keep a record of its number just in case.

I’ve had a blue badge since they were orange and in Lincolnshire never had any problems, and naturally when we moved to Gloucestershire I had to do a new application when I sent off several medical reports and got the badge with no difficulty, and when it was due for renewal the council sent a reminder and renewed it immediately. Very efficient I thought.

Very lucky that you don’t live in Warwickshire! It’s good to know that some councils have common sense.

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LClinton in reply to Bevvy

I understand about scammers but the council already got the information they're asking for, when I applied for the BB.

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Bevvy in reply to LClinton

Ahh well that is different situation. Unless you have conditions that can improve the council should just accept previous information provided.

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LClinton in reply to Bevvy

You would think!

Sadly GP practices have become money making machines and their number one priority is now financial as opposed to patient care as it was a few years ago.

That's it the gp surgeries are run like businesses nowadays!

Cheeky sods charging £40 just for that!

When I applied for myblu badg,I gave them the mame of the GP and the name and location of thE COnsultants.I’ve got to reapply for mine soon ,so I’ll see what happens.

I checked the BMA guidance on GP Charges.A request for information from a Council for a Disabled Parking Space is not on the list of chargeable items which means the GP can charge whatever they choose.

Nothing wrong with charging but other more detailed reports are free or much cheaper, depending on who is asking or the purpose.

My surgery was charging £25 a letter around 10 years ago. They did one for me and asked for the money and I just said I didn't have that (I was living on a pittance at the time) and would have to leave it. They then gave it to me for free.

My lovely doctor at the time did a quick couple of letters for me to avoid me having to pay. It took her a couple of minutes.

Hi, I know it was £20 well over 10 years ago so I suppose with inflation its gone up. I know it may seem a lot but think what you'll save on parking. On the other hand I suppose they can charge what they like. There's probably a list of charges on their website.

That is expensive😱. In Japan we have similar to the blue badge but any paperwork related to disability is not charged to the patient. How often do you have to pay for the blue badge? Ours lasts five years. xx

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Egpa in reply to Caspiana

I pay £10 every time I renew it. Some time 6 months, 1 year or three never know how long for until it comes, my new pip ends 2031 so cross my finger 3/5 years this time.

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Caspiana in reply to Egpa

That's another difference, ours is five years regardless. But then maybe they have different ways of assesment that I don't know about. Running out after a year would be quite bothersome. 😑

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Egpa in reply to Caspiana

Yes it is, but they will only do it to the date on your Pip and through pandemic they kept sending extension, so every time we had to reply and pay 10. It's crazy.

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Bevvy in reply to Caspiana

It is every 3 years badge needs renewing. If on certain benefits eg PIP is automatic but still needs to be applied for with paperwork completed and sent to council.

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Caspiana in reply to Bevvy

Ours is once in five years no cost to those who hold a disability card. We also submit paperwork and then pick up the plaque from the police station . xx

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Joy123 in reply to Caspiana

Hi Caspiana, In London/Surrey our blue badges are valid for 3 years but I think it may vary according to the local authority. I think renewal is £10 or something like that. Joy x.

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Caspiana in reply to Joy123

Different from us. Funnily the blue badge similar system is taken care of by the local police station. 😅

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Joy123 in reply to Caspiana

Oh! We’d be lucky if our police had time to investigate a stolen vehicle let alone issuing a Blue Badge. Joy x.

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Caspiana in reply to Joy123

😂 Our police are funny. They actually advertise to the general public when they have "road safety week". And that basically means they will be out in hoards giving out tickets for every minor infraction they can find. The rest of the time I'm not sure what they do in their office. xx

About 12yrs ago I was charged £20 for a fit to fly letter signed by gp took 2 weeks to get it done too. ridiculous

Hi! You say ‘disabled parking space’ is this in a private residence? If yes, I’d think he has every right to charge but if it’s in relation to applying for a Blue Badge it should be free as the council should send the forms directly to him and not via you. Good luck. I hope you get sorted. Joy x.

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LClinton in reply to Joy123

It's for on street parking close to my home. I may have no choice but to pay.

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Joy123 in reply to LClinton

I hope you get sorted. Joy x.

I live in Worcestershire and have COPD. I asked for info about a blue badge from my COPD team nurse. She said she would apply on my behalf and had never had a request turned down. she was arrived within weeks! Isn't that brilliant...I feel very fortunate, as it's a Godsend.

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LClinton in reply to Kismet23

It all seems quite arbitrary. I wasn't charged for the BB even though the GP had to provide a lot more detail.

I’ve never needed any forms completing by GP for my blue badge. I don’t claim any benefits as having suffered a massive stroke I try and avoid stress. Haven’t needed any assessment either. Does seem expensive for all that’s required of them 🤗

These charges are dictated by the British Medical Association and not the GPS. They in turn have to submit the fees to the BMA.

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LClinton in reply to Abc1471

I searched the BMA guidance and found the details for what and how much GPs can charge. Items not listed e.g. a request from a local authority for information to support disabled parking application. These are left to the GPs discretion.

I don't object to being charged but £40.00 seems unreasonable.

Our friend's GP charged £30 to tick a couple of boxes and sign a form related to insurance for a cancelled holiday. It took him several days to get it done. My GP, on the other hand, charged nothing at all and did it as soon as I phoned her so that I was able to collect it and get it in the post straight away. I guess it must be down to the individual GP.

I totally agree that £40 is over the top! xx Moy

I did mine online. I didn't involve the gp. I had to provide two forms of evidence of my condition, I used my oxygen alert card and last letter from respiratory consultant. Mind you, about four years ago the gp signed a form for a link card (reduced price exercise classes) and charged about £16.

I believe my Dr had to sign something to give my Husband right to fly if my memory serves me right. I’ve got a feeling we had to pay something like that. We also had to pay £600 for insurance. It was his last holiday abroad. We went on a cruise and the only thing that stays in my mind is Naples, Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii and going down the Amalfi Coast as far as Sorrento. It was wonderful.

That's truly disgusting and disgraceful a gp on a decent above average salary charging any disabled person £40 for ticking 2 boxes and giving their signature!!!Bloody money grabbing greedy robbers stealing from the less abled to line their overflowing pockets. Have they no shame I question/wonder? I wouldn't have paid a penny, not to any gp or doctor treating patients like fools and so disrespectfully. It is no wonder these people wind up being verbally abused and at times unfortunately attacked physically, but they do drive already unwell and often struggling physically and financially patients to the very teetering edge and boiling point with their piss taking behaviour, snooty attitudes and frequently having to try and get brainwashed programed receptionist staff to comprehend the most simplistic things a 5 year old would have more comprehension and initiative about!

I hope you photocopied that signature for next time. And try to claim back that £40, though they will argue they are giving you a blue badge for free if you haven't had to pay anything towards that also?

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