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Zolendronic acid jag

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Hi has anyone had the Zolendrnic acid jag for osteoporosis.? Have read reviews on it and a lot of side effects scares me seemingly osteoporosis is caused b too many steroids over the years and as back on steroids again for 4th time in 6 weeks am wondering if it’s worth it as not been keeping well you need to go to hospital to get it and feeling I should cancel would appreciate any feedback thanks.

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If you post your query on the Bone Health Forum primrose, there is a wealth of experience and advice among the members there. I have osteoporosis and used to take Alendronic Acid oral tablets but no longer do. I have no experience of the Zolendronic acid injections

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primrose71 in reply to CDPO16

Thanks for your reply will have a look at that forum.

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Yes primrose 81 I go one a year to have it intrevenously, it takes a bb out half an hour. The only side effect I have had is feeling ing tired all day, but fine after that. Hope this helps, please let us know if you decide to have it. Have a goodnight and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

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primrose71 in reply to Damon1864

Thank you Damon glad you were ok with it I just have a good few health problems and getting flu jag and COVID booster this month tooif it will be too much too soon thanks you both take care too.

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Damon1864Volunteer in reply to primrose71

I have quite a few different health problems to so you aren't on your own most of us on here have more than one health problem so please don't worry😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

From one who's had over 13 fractures I'd go for it for sure.

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primrose71 in reply to peege

Thanks peege sorry to hear you have had so many fractures not good still have a few days to think it over take care and hope no more for you.

I have had the infusion - you have it once a year for three years and then you are supposed to have a couple of years break from having it and they will then assess if you need them again. The first one made my bones ache for about 24 hours but second and third were fine. The actual infusion was quick and painless. About 30 minutes of sitting quietly whilst it infuses. Sometimes takes longer to find the vein for me as I’m really awkward!!!

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primrose71 in reply to AngieB72

Thanks for your reply Angie good you were ok with the jag have cancelled my appointment for this month and to phone back when feeling better just don’t feel up to it just now in case of side effects but people on here seem to have had no problems take care.

Hi Primrose,I took 1 alendronic acid tablet a long time ago, and the side effect for me were horrendous, I now have an injection twice year instead of Denusamab with no side effects at all, I've not had zolendronic Acid injections tho.

Hope this helps.

Good luck


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primrose71 in reply to Trishe

Thanks Trishe for your reply yes Doctor at hospital took me off alendronic acid tablets don’t know why should have asked burn the replies on her seem to be good for the zolendronic jag I read so many bad reviews elsewhere it was putting me off but as not feeling good cancelled it for this month and to phone back when feeing better take care

Hi i had this treatment but for breast cancer which can go into bones pretty rapidly so helps the bones no develop the small fissures in them which is like osteo porosis had mine over a 3 yrs period by intravenous drip but it is given in the most appropriate way for each parson.yes there are side affects as with everything but most never have any but they have to disclose everything now so can sound frightening. All i can say is this treatment is a game changer just follow their advice and you should do well.i had the full 3yrs treatment finished last year and i think have done well. Good luck with whatever you decide as osteoporosis can be a very serious condition.i will just tell you what my consultant said at the end of our discussion .all the patients i am still seing regularly after ten yrs of treatment 90% of them had the treatment,good luck

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primrose71 in reply to helen1946

Thank you Helen for your reply good you had no problems there are so many conflicting reviews and is scary I have cancelled it this morning as not feeling good at all so have to phone back for another appointment when feeling better take care

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helen1946 in reply to primrose71

Thank you hope I helped I honestly had no real problemthroughmy 3yrs of this treatment.be well

Nothing to worry about, only take about 1/2 to run through a shunt in your hand. Ive had one each for the last 3 years, not found any side effects. Much better than the tablets they made me sick. Good luck.

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primrose71 in reply to Egpa

Thank you Egpa so glad you had no problems with jag I have cancelled my appointment for this month as not feeling good at all had 3 lots steroids and can’t shift this infection so have to phone back when feeling better for another appointment take care.

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Egpa in reply to primrose71

You take care, you need to be fit , lol to take on more in your body. I know that it's like I have a very bad bug in my lungs at present, fed up with meds.

I assume zolendronic acid is in the same stable as alendronic acid? I know not everyone has bad side effects but I know of several people who have had severe problems with their jaw after taking alendronic acid for some time.

I thought I had escaped the side effects - I was on AS for about three years a long time ago until I decided it was too much of a risk. But for some time my teeth have become looser and looser, and just this week I have developed a click in my jaw which is very irritating.

I dislike the idea of pretty much all osteoporosis drugs as they work by strengthening the osteoblasts (which build up the bone) but limiting the process of the osteoclasts (the clearing out of dead bone matter). Both these processes work symbiotically and are needed for proper bone maintenance.

I now have osteopenia in my spine and early osteoporosis in my hip. My dexa scan results have been stable for some years now and Ive had accidents, landing on my hip etc, but no fracturing.

There are alternative views on osteoporosis which say that fractures can be more likely if you are on these drugs - I dont have a link though. If only we hadnt lost 2Greys (moderators please note!)

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primrose71 in reply to O2Trees

Thanks for replying yes it’s hard to decide as you say most drugs have side effects and if your not keeping well you don’t want anymore things wrong take care.

I was given Alendronic acid which I would imagine would be the same or similar. I took one and the next day I was violently sick. I was in hospital at the time for back fractures. I went onto Terraparatide injections after for two years. I’m now on Denosumab injections six monthly. I think they’ve all got nasty things that maybe could happen but what’s the alternative. I’ve had seven back fractures and a broken foot in the last three years. You do what is necessary.

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primrose71 in reply to Mavary

Thank you for your reply was on alendronic pills for a while too Doc took me of them should have asked why was ok on them that’s when I was offered the jag hope you keep better take care.

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Mavary in reply to primrose71

Hi! Primrose 71Despite being on the injections of Denosumab I’ve gone on to have four more fractures in my back which makes seven in all. I haven’t been offered any other treatment for my back and can be in a lot of pain. Maybe if my stomach could have taken the Alendronic Acid I may have not had the problems I’ve got. I had only been on that injection for five months when the four fractures happened. I went in hospital for a couple of days where they did a CT scan. I think they were more worrried about the nodule and interstitial scarring I have on my lungs but luckily that’s stayed the same for three years. On my discharge sheet it said the injection had failed so I contacted the Consultants Secretary and asked if I should be having the next injection as it was due in about three or four weeks. The Consultant came back with the injection hadn’t failed it will take a year to two years to do any good. I thought to myself what will I be like by the time two years are up. I hope no different but then I didn’t expect four more fractures in five months.

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primrose71 in reply to Mavary

Oh dear Mavary you have had a time of it hope no more fractures for you I have 3 crushed bones at bottom of back which gives me pain bought a cream off Amazon called hemp oil 50000 and it seems to lessen the pain £12 it’s hard when you have lung problems without all you have been through take care of yourself and thank for replying.

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Mavary in reply to primrose71

My Son brought me in some hemp oil cream yesterday. What a coincidence. I’m thinking of using the CBD drops too. You can get them in Holland and Barrett’s. They are quite expensive. Worth it if it stops the pain. I haven’t got pain if I don’t do anything. My fractures are my one in the waist which has been the worst one. That is now severe. The other fractures are above that and I find that doing things like washing up or having to carry things in front of me is agony. I can’t have a dishwasher in my apartment as there isn’t any room. There is a Bob one which will go on the counter top that I’m thinking of getting that one. It’s probably fine for one. It’s no fun having broken bones is it. And the trouble is people don’t believe how bad you are because it’s not like a broken arm or leg that they can see because it’s plastered. I’ve had a couple of people say to me well how can you walk with fractures in your back. Also why aren’t you wearing a brace. Those sort of people make me so cross as you know they are not believing you. Do you find the same.

I was told where my T12 is in my waist and down is the worst ones to have. So you must be in quite a bit of pain. My T12 one put me in hospital for 12 days. I couldn’t walk at all. I was on my back most of that time. It took me quite a while before I reasonably got my life back. Now the others have gone. I said to somebody if many more go I will be slithering on the floor like a jelly. 😆🤣

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primrose71 in reply to Mavary

Hi Mavary yes that is a coincidence I use the cream morning and night it does smell a bit when you rub it I but doesn’t last long just starting my second tub as it helps me wee are all different and yes people don’t understand even my COPD nurse today when I told her on 4th dose of steroids in 8 weeks said could it be anxiousness huh I said when I can’t walk from one room to another doubt very much if it’s that think they think you are stupid when you get older however respitory team going to have a meeting next week to see if any help they give me as I well know been on too many steroids I have been thinking of the cbd too as anything is worth a try to stop pain and breathing difficulties I do hope you find something to help you as you are suffering a lot would be nice if you let me know how you get on drugs do us a lot of damage if only wee could find something natural it would be great take care of yourself .

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Mavary in reply to primrose71

CBD oil is pretty natural. It’s a plant. It has the TBH taken out of it which is the hallucinating bit so it’s harmless apart from it has a good report on stopping pain. I’m a bit nervous about taking it as it’s not prescribed. I’m starting it slowly. I was desperate when I was washing up yesterday and I did try it. It did seem to work but was that because I wanted it too. I don’t know. I’ll have to try it for longer. I lost four inches in height with the first three broken bones. I don’t know how much more i’ve lost with the four breaks. Nobody knows or understand the pain we go through. When my pain gets really bad it makes my breathing bad. That’s why I was sent to hospital. I think they thought either the nodule in my lung had got worse or the interstial bit.

Good luck- it's a hard choice you've got to make.

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primrose71 in reply to Alberta56

Thanks Albert56 yes it’s a hard choice with Drugs they mostly all have side effects take care.

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