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Night out

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Hi everyone hope your all keeping as well as you can.Well I went out to a party sat night and really enjoyed it ,not sure mum had a relaxing time at home as I know she would be worring but she was happy that I was going out like a normal teenager. Unfortunately I paid the price and its taken two days of sleeping and rest to get over it just can't understand how doing normal things just drain the energy from me ,is it the norm ?xx

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Yay! A party! Excellent! So glad you had fun and I'm sure your mum was pleased too :) Ok, so you had to sleep for the next couple of days (most teenagers will sleep for one anyway ;) ), but every now and again surely it's worth it? xx

Hey you lovely 🥰 Aww a party 🎉 out sounds good to just do something fun and normal! I’m glad that you managed to do that and had a nice time!

My health issues are completely different to yours but I do sometimes need a day to recover afterwards depending what I have done! Maybe it’s because you haven’t done it for a while so your body will wonder what’s going on. Maybe if you’re aware you’ll need a day to or so to recover, go out and enjoy yourself but maybe not the day before college 😉💕🤗

Glad you were able to get out and enjoy yourself. Sounds as though you are OK with the 2 days sleeping and rest, so you're happy with the 'price to pay. We'll done x

Hi Pokermon, congratulations on going out and enjoying yourself that’s the least young people like you deserve, especially after the horrific eighteen months we’ve all had and people like you and all of us on this site also have the extra problems of Respiratory Conditions, go for it as long as you personally are comfortable with it.

And as for the two days to get over it that’s completely normal, unfortunately as you get older it can take a week!🤣🤣👍


Youre probably not used to having fun & it wore you out! I think pretty normal for all of us after being shut away from the world for nearly two years. Add to that being a teenager and coping with all that you do. Glad you did something fun & 'normal 🥰 Peege

So pleased u had a party night.Its unfortunate your energy reserves were depleted but gd that a cpl of days,built them back up xxx

just the noise can be tiring . Glad you had a good time. You're young, enjoy it . Its worth the extra sleep.

I’m glad you had a good time.Unfortunately you have to allow for feeling rough afterwards and plan for rest afterwards.

Hi Pokermon so pleased you had a good time and your mum understood your need to be out with friends. I think a recovery time of two days would be normal given your health issues. Take care xxxx🥰😀

Party! 🎉🎶 So glad you were able to enjoy this. Maybe you needed a slighter longer recovery time than some of your friends but now you know you can plan your activities. Have you heard about the 'Spoon theory'? It's an easy way to understand, and explain to others, how those of us with chronic illness have limited energy and need to ration it.

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Pokermon in reply to Karenanne61

I have just had a quite read about spoon it is such a good way of explaining things I wish my new Dr would read it .its hard to explain to her how my illness affects me but this says it all will read up bit more later but thanks will get mum to read aswell .

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Karenanne61 in reply to Pokermon

It's an interesting way of explaining things. I was lucky to go on a rehab course where someone who lived it came and explained it and we were able to put the spoon theory into practice. Some times I have busy (for me!🤣) weekends then spend monday on the sofa.

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Pokermon in reply to Karenanne61

Same for me if I have to shower and wash hair in morning wackes me out doing it night time gives me time to recover.

It is the norm Pokermon,but once you get used to being a party animal you will soon adapt,the time for your mum to start worrying is when you hold the all night raves at your place. LOLNice to hear you have reentered the real world again and i hope you do it as often as your body will allow you to.It's part of the joy of gowing up and enjoying life.

Best wishes Ski's and Scruff's


So glad you had a good time- whoopee! 🎆🎆🎆Just keep doing it and allow 2 days to recover. I thought it was just me who got knocked out by shower and hair wash. 😂😂😂

Only two days I used to sleep for a full weekend after most Friday night parties...😂

you had a great time thats the most important thing its given you some happy memories for you to remember later...

There will be more parties to come so enjoy yourself 💜

I’d say two days was pretty good to recover in Pokermon. So glad you did it and enjoyed yourself. Roll on the next one 💃 🎶. Jax🐶x

Hi Pokermkon. So pleased you enjoyed the party. In future you will be aware that you need plenty of rest afterwards. I hope this is the first of many!! 👍

So glad you got out and about enjoying partying at last, two days recovering is pretty normal. Enjoy life x

It sounds like you had a great time! Yes, it takes time to recover, but, hopefully it's worth it! My daughter (no medical issues) used to sleep half her life away when she was your age. She would then stick her head around the door as we were thinking of going to bed and say, 'Right, I'm off to (whoever)'s now. See you tomorrow!

Daughter DID make a mistake in her A level year (which was also her 18th) as there were so many parties that studies went to the wall. She failed all her exams and spent the next year re-doing them at a different college at her own expense. She did very well that time and went on to Uni.

You will soon learn how much you can manage and you'll also decide for yourself how much is worth making yourself tired for. When I left home, I discovered that part of having independence was learning how often I could burn the candle at both ends and having to make my own choices about where to go and how often to stay up late.

You enjoy being young! But don't be afraid to say 'no' to people if you think you may be overdoing things.

xx Moy

Hope you had a brill time and the next part isn’t as tiring.

That is so good! I am so pleased you went to a party and had a good time. When I physically exert myself I also need a day to recover. Hope you can go to a Halloween party later this month :)

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