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Hospital acquired pneumonia…😰

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Not having much luck this past week.

First they detect diastolic dysfunction in my ticket which needs sorting before any transplant can happen NOW they tell me i acquired pneumonia in hospital.

Tried phoning the samaritans but they hung up..😂😂😂😂

Stay safe everyone.. xx

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Oh no Mr.b! What a palaver! Hoping things improve for you very soon.Best wishes to you, Carole xxxx💜

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Mrbojangles in reply to sassy59

Thanks Carole xx

Oh it all is coming in thick and fast at the moment. What is the atrial dysfunction?I hope you feel better soon. Take care. Grace

Diastolic Dysfunction is build up of calcium in the heart vessels.Hopefully they have detected it early enough for treatment to be effective.

Wasn’t evident last year!

What bad luck. Incidentally I’m in Sydney Street at the moment. Came in last Tuesday for a procedure. Are you on Foulis? I could ask if they’ll let me pop over to say hello! 😂

Is that your kitty in the pic then?

We have an elderly ginger tabby called Baby who is 17!

Yes! She was called Milly. Sadly we losther to cancer a couple of years ago, and I miss her still.

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of Millie cat.

Thank you x

Oh no! But that bit about the samaritans was funny.🙂 Sending hugs. ❤

Unbelievable. The pneumonia bit anyway- i hope you're soon over it and that they can fix your heart- with the cardiac equivalent of Viacal ???( I hope not.)

Oh no !! Poor you ! Hope this gets sorted very quickly and things start to improve. Good luck and very best wishes. 🌷

Thanks Beachballs, i’m sure all will be fine.You keeping ok?

Yes good thanks , need to have lung functions, not looking forward to it , as the results will determine Whether I can stay on Nintedanib or not according to the Nice guidelines. I have deteriorated so think I know the answer. The consultant was so nice and uncomfortable delivering the news, but said she would try and get me through the winter. Good luck to you . 👍

Hopefully your doc will be able to produce the right LF numbers..👍👍I dread the actual tests as they wear me out especially when they put me inside the cubicle..

My LF are at the Brompton, and as you know they do their best to get the right numbers for you. The guidelines are a deterioration of 10%, last summer I had deteriorated 25% but was just inside the range at 54 % if this one is below 50% then I am taken off it. So need a miracle !!

Good luck, when ?

They have given me an appointment to see the consultant in April 2022. However, when they get the LF results they will bring this appointment forward. Haven’t got the appointment yet for LF but hope they leave it until after Christmas. Just waiting on a telephone call now from the physiotherapist at the Brompton to try and sort this cough ! a busy time ahead!

My cough was much better after Fishermans Friends…Def worth a try!

I live on Fisherman friends !!! They are the best !!! But the consultant said I need an opiate , delaying a bit more on that one !

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Suzie42 in reply to Beachballs

I hope you get the results you need to stay on the meds, so fingers crossed.I have managed to get to my greek islands and am just starting my 4th week. I feel so safe here. I've been swimming and walking more and eating better. I wish I could stay.

I hope you are ok after tests xx

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Beachballs in reply to Suzie42

Thanks Suzie , it sounds heaven where you are ! Glad it’s doing you good ! Enjoy your 4th week !x 🌷

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Gladwyn in reply to Suzie42

Sounds amazing 🤩

Not good to go in hospital and end up with more problems by way of hospital acquired pneumonia. I hope your fortunes take a turn for the better soon. Best wishes to you.

Oh dear MrB, it’s one thing after another. Sending huge amounts of good wishes that things start to improve for you soon 🤞

Oh heck Mr B, it's getting harder and harder for you to look for the bright side. How about the pneumonia bugs obtained in the hospital must be better quality than the common public ones? A lot of people on here are rooting for you besides me. 💪👍

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Mrbojangles in reply to Don-1931

Thank you Don…crazy thing is i’m feeling fine physically ( well sort of).The numbers and diagnosis tell a different tale though!


Oh dear - you really are in the wars aren't you :) All the best

Are there different types of pneumonia? I was once sent out with a discharge letter that said, 'community acquired pneumonia'. I thought it was their way of saying, 'Well, she didn't get it 'ere, Doctor!' but now, knowing that they DO own up to people getting it from the hospital, I wonder why they need to differentiate.

Meanwhile, it doesn't help you much, does it! It's just plain greedy to pick up something else while you're in there!

Seriously, though, I'm sorry to hear what you're going through and hope that they soon get you sorted out. At least you haven't lost your sense of humour! (Was that 'community acquired' or 'hospital acquired'? 🤣) xx Moy

Love your attitude Mr B. Hope you get rid of that nasty bug very soon.Jax🐶x

Sorry Samaritans hung up sometimes a Wait

That really sucks. I hope you're better soon so that preparations etc for the transplant can recommence. As for the Samaritans, I hope it was a blip in their system and not someone just hanging up on you x

Unbelievable!! What bad luck. You have super humour though. Hope you’re sorted soon x

I'm sorry to read this Mr. B. I hope I hope you feel better very soon. xx

Keep your chin up, hope everything gets sorted soon x

Gosh hope you recover soon and get your heart sorted MrB

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