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Which Exercise Machine?

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I have COPD and I'm considering getting an exercise machine and would like to hear suggestions.

One respiratory nurse suggested a recumbent bike another said an Aero bike. I don't have a lot of space so I would need something that's not too bulky or can be folded and easily stored.

All suggestions are welcome


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I used to have a static bike but found it increasingly difficult to use. It didn't fold up, not sure that any do.I now have a treadmill which will fold flat and go under a bed for instance. I have room to leave it out otherwise I doubt that I would use it if I had to keep setting it up.

I think that exercise equipment is, to a certain extent, a personal thing as different things suit different people. Hope you choose something that suits you.

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LClinton in reply to CDPO16

I currently have something called a Maxi Glider but I don't use it. It does fold but I find it too difficult to fold and it's too big and bulky to leave it set up. So it stays folded and unused.

A treadmill sounds promising but most I've seen are quite large.

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CDPO16 in reply to LClinton

Yes, treadmills are quite large but I think that they need to be to be stable. Mine is a Linnear treadmill, the walkslim model.

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LClinton in reply to CDPO16

ThanksI'll check out the walk slim.

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CDPO16 in reply to LClinton

I bought it from Ideal World shopping channel if that is of interest. It was considerably cheaper from them than other suppliers and I know that they are still selling it.

Why don’t you look at resistance bands? They are only small and won’t take up any space. I got mine from Amazon.

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LClinton in reply to Bevvy

I have some resistance bands but for some reason I can't seem to get motivated to use them.

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Tykelady in reply to LClinton

I have weights from when I did pulmonary rehab, I have a step and I have resistance bands. I do not have motivation x

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LClinton in reply to Tykelady

I also lack motivation. I'm hopeful the right exercise equipment will help with that.

Hi I brought a mini cycle.light weight and easy to assemble.I use mine sitting in a chair watching TV or reading.Amazon £29. On a nice day I sat outside with it. Good exercise. Good luck with your choice.J

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LClinton in reply to P-i-n-k

Does it help you get a cardio workout as well as improved leg muscles?

I'm sure it does as I was more out of breath than usual.my friend uses it for cardio as well as counting her steps.worth a try.J

I think it may depend on whether or not you have osteoporosis (or osteopenia like I have) when weight bearing exercise is so beneficial to bones. Personally bychoice I'd have a treadmill especially one that has a gradientfeature, the only benefit I can see on an exercise bike is cardiovascular and moving of leg & hip joints. A recumbent bike is of course easier to get on & off.On my Pulmonary Rehabilitation course there was a mini trampoline which I enjoyed using .

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peege in reply to peege

PS sit to stand exercise using a stable chair is brilliant for legs, lungs & heart stamina. BLF have an excellent DVD for lung health. P

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CDPO16 in reply to peege

It may depend upon different abilities too peege. I'd be seriously short of puff now if I went on a trampoline. I do agree about the bike not being good for weight bearing exercise, I have osteoporosis too. I have a set of muscle strengthening exercises too similar to those taught at pulmonary rehab. Just have to motivate myself to do them!

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peege in reply to CDPO16

Naturally C - I'd get more puffed now I'm sure! Theres a whole variety of levels here after all from chair bound to mild lung disease. The small trampolines aren't for jumping on though, too small. Ideal for walking or gentle marching on the spot and not jarring for arthritic joints. Sit to stand, one done properly is better than none and there are loads of exercises out there for from sitting only . I will be getting a trampoline one of these days, one with a hand rail for balance & all folding. I've had a wake up call with my sis being struck down so I'm taking weight, mobility and diet a lot more seriously

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pegbl in reply to peege

How is your sister doing now, hope there's some improvement. Xxx

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peege in reply to pegbl

Aw thanks for asking pegbl, a little improvement last week she could move her knee a tiny bit so at least its progress. Slow but good. 🤗

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pegbl in reply to peege

So pleased to hear that, any improvement is very good and a sign there could be more to come 🤞No matter how slow. Xxx

Hi, I live in a small flat and have a spin bike in my bedroom which I use often. It's not foldable, but we're happy with it. We also subscribe to the peloton app for £12.99 a month and take a lot of classes from there. It works well for us as there's a TV in front of the bike, where we can use the Peloton app on that. Hopefully you'll find something you enjoy doing :)

Thanks,I'll look for some videos on the spin bike.

I find variety keeps me motivated and just try to make sure I get out of breath every day. I have a noisy x country ski machine which I use occasionally, but I try to swim at least once a week and do online zumba and pilates and a brisk walk every day. I feel I have increased my lung capacity. No perfect solution I’m afraid. But good luck with whatever you try.

Hi again, just letting you know that the treadmill I have is one of the items being sold on Ideal World shopping channel today if of interest to you. It's on now but will be on again at 12.45pm. Today's price is less than I paid.

Exercise equipment is, I think, quite a personal thing and not an easy choice to make.

Hi Clinton I’ve gone for a recliner bike (second hand on Facebook) it’s big and I knew it would annoy me in the house as I’m short of space and it would probably end up being a coat hanger or dumping ground by others members of the house hold. I already have a small garden shed that stores my liquid oxygen the recliner now has its home there too. I do find I sometimes lack the motivation to get dressed and to go out on it on cold days however I’d be kidding myself if I said that I’d use it more often if it was in the house. I got it in April this year so I haven’t seen a winter through so I’d imagine I’d be taking a break from it if there’s a heavy blanket of snow, purely because the shed on ground level and I might struggle getting the door opened. I have problems with my ankles that flare up from time to time and when walking is off limits the recumbent is perfect for times like this as it allows me to exercise without putting to much weight and stress on the ankles.

ThanksI'm on Facebook Market for parts of North London. Where would I find your post for the bike?

Hi I just looked for a local buy and sell group on fb. If you put in a search for recumbent bikes near me you might find something.

Silly me😊I misunderstood and thought you had a bike to sell on Facebook.

I though that.

I’ve a stationary bike in bedroom set up and tv opposite just light exercise whilst watching tv ideal when it’s chucking it down. Good luck

Dear Clinton

The machine I have found to be the best - as long as you can get up and down to floor level to use it - is the "Wonder Core Smart". You can find it on Amazon and also on Thane TV Shop site.

Be sure to make sure that Amazon include all the extras such as the DVD, exercise chart etc.

The price is currently around £79.

It can be folded almost flat. It's extremely small to store. You can exercise your arms, legs. Core, etc. In fact your whole body. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and exercise is an absolute must! This machine is brilliant for reducing your stomach size.

I am on oxygen - diagnosed as suspected Interstitial Pneumonitis in 2013. I suspect the diagnosis is incorrect. It's far more likely that my oxygen levels regularly falling below 85% are connected to my EDS and exacerbated by the Hepatitis C which I contracted from being given 6 units of contaminated blood at age 18. I wasn't able to have the treatment for Hep C. I'm 65 and although I am on oxygen I'm not going anywhere anytime soon!

I cannot do weight bearing exercises because of the EDS, which is a genetic condition, so the Wonder Core machine is ideal for all my health issues. I also have POTS which is EDS related.

If you buy the, "Wonder Core Smart" from Amazon you can try it out and it's a very simple process to return it, free of any charges, if it proves to be unsuitable for you. On Amazon you will need to click on other sellers and search for the seller which states " Sold by Amazon and Dispatched by Amazon so that there are no delivery charges, and for a simple free no hassle return.

Have fun exercising!

Kind regards

from Giggling Star.

Oh I think I'm Twinkling Star on here. Lol

Thanks for all that useful info. I'm checking it out on Amazon and Youtube for any working examples.

I can't find the exercise bands on Amazon. They are available from Thane but they are £19.99 plus £2.99 postage. I don't think I would buy them.

You would be better off buying a set of the stretchy exercise bands from Amazon which are a much lower price. I still do recommend the "Wonder Core Smart" but as with all exercising never do anything which causes you pain. Always build up slowly! If you can only do two repetitions then just do two for a week and increase to 5 and so on. You should soon be able to do 20 or more. Remember that the machine supports you to do sit ups and you can adjust it to suit you.

I do not recommend any of the accessories. I believe the twisty thing is not a safe way to twist and the bands are a ridiculous price.

Is this the one you mean? It looks like hard going. youtu.be/lc0JhdX1USk

wonder core

Yes it is the one. There are different levels of exercise. Many you can do while sitting on a chair. I don't do the advanced exercises. I can do all the first level exercises. The only thing I find difficult is getting down on the floor and getting back up again!

I hope that helps.

Kind regards.

Twinkling Star

P.S. I don't do the exercise shown on the link to the video! I think that would be in the more advanced exercises.

Sorry, I had to laugh when you said getting down on the floor. I remembered the last time I got down on the floor. I ended up lying on the carpet waiting for enough energy to get back up.

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Patk1 in reply to LClinton

Haha i have to crawl to door or settee to get back up

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TwinklingStar in reply to Patk1

Yes I keep forgetting that I can't get back up. I crawl to the stairs and move my hands up a few steps and with the help of the two Bannister's I can usually get up. However, we need to go careful because crawling along to do this will certainly damage our knees!Take care.

Kind regards

Twinkling Star

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Patk1 in reply to TwinklingStar

🙈oh no..we will be snookered then! Xx

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TwinklingStar in reply to Patk1

My knees are really painful and have been in constant pain since the age of 15. I need to stop getting stuck! Lol

Beg, buy or borrow a mat and try yoga. 'Yoga with Adriene' online is one I enjoy. There are others. Or pilates. I go to classes when I can but prior to recent abdo surgery I was more motivated.

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LClinton in reply to Karenanne61

ThanksI'll check outAdriene.

I had a small manual treadmill but it still took up too much room in my bedroom and it just didn’t get me motivated. The BLF exercise dvd or booklet is good however if you use it regularly and gives you a good workout ( at a low level increasing as you want/ can do) All you need is a chair, a step and a wall.

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